Last week I was out shopping and found these *perfect* containers for  making muffins in your Wonder Oven!  They were an absolute steal so I picked up a set for YOU!  The plastic lids they come with, btw, would be great to use in cutting the dough in  homemade pringles, crackers, pot stickers or biscuits!

Leave a comment promising to give these babies a good home and I’ll choose a winner {and post it in the comments} on Saturday!

For those who may not know what a Wonder Oven is, here’s a quick video that explains it well.  You can either make or buy the wonder oven pillows;  information on that can be found in this post.  If you’re interested in learning about cooking in one, there are a number of wonder oven cooking posts to be found here on the blog via the recipe index or category archives!

***I’ve been told some people have had trouble posting comments.  If that happens, just post a note to me on facebook or send me an email ( and I’ll count you in!

25 thoughts on “Free give away time!

    • I **LOVE** helping people get prepared and since it’s my birthday this weekend (I get to choose my own way of celebrating it :)) I did the craziest thing ever!!! I couldn’t get over how CHEAP these containers were so I went to 4 stores of the same chain where I found these (HEB for those in the TX area) and I CLEANED THEM OUT!

      We have EIGHT winners!!!









      Everyone is getting 4 containers (the same number I used in the Wonder oven making muffins post) all except Connie with her XL sized Wonder oven; Connie, I’m sending you 5 containers.

      Someone could’ve probably talked me into buying more but owing to the fact that I still need to pay the postman to get these out I had to stop. (LOL, hopefully none of you are overseas!) It sure was fun though knowing these salt and pepper shakers were going to be transformed into powerless muffin making machines!

      CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you enjoy them. Please email me the mailing address you’d like them sent to!

      • Megan, my 5 salt and pepper shakers (aka muffin tins) have arrived, and they’re beautiful! Won’t have time to do anything with them right now ’cause I’m going away for a couple weeks but I’ll be sure to let y’all know how I make out when I do. Again, many thanks! I’m looking forward to hearing how the rest of you make out with them.

      • I haven’t made the muffins yet but I thought I’d post about using a Wonder Oven for the first time, to cook a thick soup. I put one of my oval crockpots into the oval WO at 4:15 and burnt my hand when lifting the lid at 6:20. Hubby and son both kept saying “Wow!” when they ate at 9:30; they couldn’t believe how hot the soup was! They didn’t take the crockpot out of the WO, so I did before I went to bed (4:00 a.m. oy vey) and the soup was STILL hot–even though it had been opened and messed with several times since I took it off the stove. My son decided to find out how the round WO works to thaw out some hamburger in a plastic ice cream tub–he said it was much faster. We’re VERY impressed with the WO!

        If there’s a way I can post a couple pictures, I’d be happy to!

        • That’s great Connie!

          I’d love you to send along some pictures! Send them to my email and I’ll use them.

          And that mention of you burning your hand — I know! It’s hard to believe it stays that hot! Thanks so much for writing!

  1. Thanks, I would love to win those I have been cooking with food storage for sometime but am just venturing in to the powerless cooking-
    This would be a great thing to try out :0)

  2. I appreciate your Wonder Oven posts, it is something we don’t hear nearly enouhg about. I would love to win these.

  3. I have been looking for containers like these. They’re perfect!! I’m a novice wonder oven cook so finding the little pieces is always awesome!

  4. I don’t even have a Wonder Oven yet, ( sigh ) but if I could win these, it would be my motivation to make not one but TWO of the ovens! One for me and one for my daughter and son-in-law. Why I’d even split my winnings with them, and then we could have a Wonder Oven “Cook-Off” contest. What a fun way for my daughter and I to learn how to use one. Ooooooh, I’m excited now! When will will we know who the winner is?????

  5. I have a sun oven and would love love love to see if I could make potstickers work in it in one of these it’s:)

  6. What a great idea! Looks like they could double as bug out bag “pots” or drinking cups when they’re not cooking up muffins. I LOVE multi-use gadgets! Speaking of Wonder Ovens, I made two–one from a blue plaid (that looks really cool) and one from a black and rose floral flannel sheet (I love how the print lines up). For the second one, I adapted the pattern to make it rectangular for use with my oval crockpots–now I just need to fill it and try it out! I bet those 5 muffin-makers would fit in there perfectly! Thank you!

    • I love the idea of a rectangular one that you did! Beyond using your crock pot in it, I bet it would probably also fit a roasting pan and you could cook larger pieces of meat in it too. Very cool! Please let me know if it works!

  7. Oh I will give them a good home…They will bake delicious breads for me, maybe make some oatmeal too.. ohhh and maybe some beans…:) Yupp Yupp,,, they will get a good home..

  8. So cool! I’m ashamed to admit I have a lovely wonder oven that I haven’t used yet, but these would give me a perfect excuse to put it to work. 😉

  9. I am impressed with all that you are making with your food storage. I have a sun oven and the sport oven. I am interested in the muffin makers your are offering.

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