Creole Salmon with Rice

Pantry Meal, Seafood

Print the recipe card!  creole salmon with rice It doesn’t get much simpler than this!  From start to finish, 20 minutes is all it takes for this great go-to emergency meal.  It’ll cover the bases even if your only emergency is that you haven’t gotten to the store for a while!

May 30, 2013

Seafood Lasagna Rolls

Seafood, Sun Oven

Print the recipe page!  seafood lasagna rolls   We liked the recipe we have for Lasagna Rolls so much that I decided to try out a seafood version.  I used this stellar recipe for Seafood Lasagna from ‘Taste of Home’ as a jumping off point and they turned out great! serves 8

February 28, 2013

Pasta with Bacon and Shrimp

Pantry Meal, Seafood

Print the recipe card!  pasta with bacon and shrimp This recipe was adapted from a recipe found in Giada Laurentiis’ new book Weeknights with Giada.  As a preface to the recipe, Giada writes that it was her way of persuading her husband that whole wheat pasta is delicious.  This is funny to me… so  when […]

October 11, 2012

Crab and Ricotta Cannelloni


Print the recipe page!  crab and ricotta cannelloni You won’t believe this is 100% food storage when you taste it! This meal *tastes* restaurant worthy but anyone can make it.  You might be tempted to skip making the cannelloni and substitute a boxed pasta from the store but don’t do it!   It’s the wonderful […]

October 12, 2011