Adding a Wonder Oven to your Supplies: 4 ways

My Food Storage Cookbook is proud to offer 4 new options to acquire a Wonder Oven!

Through the years while offering patterns and promotions, I’ve sent out hundreds of patterns to those wanting to make them, while hearing from others wanting to know where to get one ready-made.  I’m now bringing you 4 options to get one for yourself!

Four Ways to Get Yourself a Wonder Oven

The biggest hurdle for the DIY’er has been finding the right sized beads to purchase.  I’ve blogged at length about the need for tiny (bebe) sized beads for best heat retention and most of the time those beads are hard to find.  For those who want to do it themselves, I’ve made arrangements with a supplier I trust to bring the beads directly to you!

For groups or even a few friends who want to get together for an order, there’s the appeal of saving money by buying in bulk and doing some of the work yourself.  At the same time, for those who just want to buy one already done, I’ve made arrangements through a friend of mine to offer completely finished sets as well.

I’m excited to bring these options to you!  For more specific information on each product and to order, just visit my shop.  All DIY options are built around the amount of beads (cartons) my supplier offers.  One carton is equal to 37 gallons of beads and each Wonder Oven set requires 10 gallons of beads. I’ve translated these quantities to the tables below in relation to this project.

Also, shipping (to all US locations, including Alaska) is included in all of the options you see here.  Shipping costs to Canada, while I’m happy to offer it, has a slight increase in shipping costs for the beads in Canadian currency.  I can still make it work, but please contact me directly by emailing me at

Wonder Ovens For Sale

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58 Wonder Oven sets available at the lowest price EVER!

I know for myself how critical owning a Wonder Oven is to being able to cook with your food storage.  There’s no tool out there to compare it to.  The conservation of fuel saved by using a wonder oven — worst case scenerio — could be what literally saves your family from running out of fuel (and starving) before running out of the food you have stored.

Because I believe having a wonder oven is so important, and because there aren’t nearly enough people who have access to one,  I took on a bigger than normal project this summer.   The problem I believe isn’t that people don’t want to try it, it’s that the pillows themselves are hard to come by.  From their specialized beads to their abnormally angled pattern they’re admittedly a hassle for the average person to make.  On the other hand, buying them pre-made costs between $50-$60 dollars, money that many are skeptical to spend on a couple of bean bag pillows that are somehow supposed to cook your food (something they’ve never actually seen work before).  Knowing first hand all the AMAZING things you can make with a wonder oven , I realized something had to be done to get more of these marvelous tools out there!!

So … I decided to give you an opportunity you’ll never see again.  I have 58 wonder oven sets that now need good homes.

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“Soup in a Bag” Book Give Away!

You get to hear my reviews on recipes and books all the time…now I want to hear YOURS!

If you’re serious about wanting to cook with your food storage and along the way willing to try a few new recipes on your family, then you could get a FREE copy of the ($28) pantry meal-styled “Soup in a Bag” by Pam Emick!!

Leave me a comment if you’re willing to be a tester!  I’m looking for THREE readers who would each be willing to try at least THREE recipes from this book (you choose what you make) before May 10th.  Your review, combined with the others, will be posted Monday, May 13th.

Remember, we want to hear what you (and your family) really think!  We’ll also want to “see” what you’ve made, so please be willing to submit one picture for each recipe you try. This coming Friday (5pm CT) I’ll announce who the books will be sent off to, so if you comment be sure to check back since I’ll need you to send me your mailing address (US shipping only please).

Happy (free give away time) prepping!  

Soup in a Bag

Free give away time!

Last week I was out shopping and found these *perfect* containers for  making muffins in your Wonder Oven!  They were an absolute steal so I picked up a set for YOU!  The plastic lids they come with, btw, would be great to use in cutting the dough in  homemade pringles, crackers, pot stickers or biscuits!

Leave a comment promising to give these babies a good home and I’ll choose a winner {and post it in the comments} on Saturday!

For those who may not know what a Wonder Oven is, here’s a quick video that explains it well.  You can either make or buy the wonder oven pillows;  information on that can be found in this post.  If you’re interested in learning about cooking in one, there are a number of wonder oven cooking posts to be found here on the blog via the recipe index or category archives!

***I’ve been told some people have had trouble posting comments.  If that happens, just post a note to me on facebook or send me an email ( and I’ll count you in!