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Week #10 Winners!

19 Apr

One more week completed!  Here’s the current standing on points:

Week #10 graph

With this, I have amends to make.  In my excitement of creating a fun ending for everyone in the contest I inadvertently upset some people by my last post.   Sorry about that.  I’m most definitely human and didn’t mean to anger anyone by changing things up.  You’re right though, I agree that the people who have been putting so much work into the contest still deserve a weekly “best points” prize for their last two weeks.  I just didn’t think it through.  It’s my first time around running a contest like this, so I hope you’ll understand I’m still learning too.

To make it right I’ll be letting our front runners know by email what the weekly prizes will be for weeks 11 & 12 and we’ll acknowledge everything in our final contest post.

Congrats to Amanda this week!!  

Another 200 + point week for her this week!

 emergency essentials prize amanda schulz

Amanda has won a $60 package including:

Wild Orange



Thanks to The Prepared Hour for this great combination!!

Here’s what Amanda made this week:

Amanda 1-2-3

1) Hamburger Buns

2) BBQ Pork Sandwiches

3)  Biscuits (Recipe Source: Peggy Layton Cookin’ With Home Storage- Mile High Biscuits)


Amanda 4-5-6

4)  Butter

5)  Butter #2 (same method)

6)  Cheeseburger Mac

Amanda 7-8-9

7)  Homemade Caramel (in a Wonder Oven!!)   Amanda promises to blogs about this soon over on her blog HERE, but until then, she says (just one word):  “WONDERFUL! “

8)  Caramel Brownies

9)  Chicken and Dumplings — recipe below



Amanda 10-11-12

10)  Chicken Tetrazzini  (Recipe Source: “It’s In The Bag”  by Michelle Snow)

11)  Chocolate Icing (see the handout at the bottom of the page via this link)

12)  Cinnamon Rolls  (from Peggy Layton cookbook Cookin’ With Home Storage)



Amanda 13-14-15

13)  Creamy Italian Chicken

14)  Garlic French Bread

15)  Gravy


Amanda 16-17-18

16)  Potato Salad

17)  Strawberry Sherbet

18)  Taco Rice (tomato sauce, rice, taco seasoning.  Easy side!)



Amanda 19-20-21

19)  Taco Stuffed Shells

20)  Yellow Cake

21)  Yogurt

(She’s found success making yogurt by using directions both from the blog here as well as while using cultures also purchased from  Acidophilus tablets have not been successful for the most part in participant trials.)

Great job this week, Amanda!!  

2nd place this week:  Paula Herron

Still in the lead overall, Paula’s current week scored her 170 points.

Besides all of her recipes here, she also preserved fresh chicken eggs this week to be used in the contest in the coming weeks.  She’s been very gracious in sharing her technique in doing this and has given me permission to share it. I’ll be posting that tutorial on Tuesday of next week.  Stay tuned!

Here’s what Paula made this week:

Paula 1-2-3

1)  2 x 4 Soup

2)  Potato Gnocchi (recipe mid way down the link)

3)  Blueberry Oat Cookies

“These turned out great.  The kids, of course, liked them best.  They are moist and filling and I could eat them for breakfast.”


Paula 4-5-6

4)  Butter using Powdered Willpowder (Powdered Heavy Cream), as well as a 2nd trial using Gossner’s heavy shelf stable cream.

“The process [using Gossner's Heavy Cream as seen here] was much faster!!!!”

5)  Caramel  (had trouble getting it to set up, thinks she possibly didn’t cook it long enough)

6)  Cream Cheese Danish “We liked the end result of this recipe but I will say if you chill the dough overnight (which I did) be prepared to let it sit to room temp. as it will be very stiff and hard to roll out otherwise. This will be a repeat recipe for us.”


Paula 7-8-9

7)  Eggy Bread

“This recipe is a version of French toast and something we like. I will say that I liked the texture of the homemade bread for this better than storebought bread.”

8)  Halluska

“I have never tried this type of dish before but because I like cabbage cooked any way I thought it sounded delicious. The meal did not let me down it was great! Everyone actually had seconds! I would definitely cook this again!”

9)  Olive garden Copy Cat Bread Sticks

“This was my favorite recipe this week! Tastes just like the Olive Garden!”


Paula 10-11-12

10)  Olive Garden Copy Cat Minestrone Soup

“This tastes amazing! Just like the restaurant version. Definitely a repeat recipe.”

11)  Olive Garden Chicken and Gnocchi Soup

“This turned out just like the restaurant version. I really liked it, my husband, not so much. But, I need to say he doesn’t like Olive Garden either. This indeed is another quality food storage meal for the family!”

12)  Peanut Butter Cookies

“Unbelievably my husband liked these best! He says they are great with a glass of cold milk.”


Paula 13-14-15

13)  Ricotta Cheese (made with powdered milk)

“This is a skill recipe that I will continue to use over and over again. We love it fresh made!”

14)  Strawberry Banana Muffins (home recipe, made in her Wonder Oven like this)

“This recipe is a normal bk recipe that we have used for yrs. just converted to all shelf stable ingredients. The muffins turned out really moist but tasty. I like mine more crunchy and brown so I will continue to use the oven, may try this in a sun oven next time.”

15)  Yogurt Cheese

“I really like this type cheese over storebought because of the taste and creaminess. I like using it in my baking and as a spread on crackers or toast.”

16)  Yogurt trial (did not set well she says, in this trial she used rennet tablets)

Paula 16

It’s great to see Angalee again in her entry this week!  Here’s what she made:

Angalee 1-2-3

1)  Macaroni and Cheese

“I used a different canned cheese sauce and it was pretty runny so I didn’t add the canned milk.  I also used crushed crackers instead of bread crumbs.  Husband loved it, kids not so much.”

2)  Honey Whole Wheat Bread

3)  Monster Cookies

“I made half the batch with regular eggs and butter and the other half I turned it into food storage recipe using my homemade butter and applesauce for the eggs.  I wanted to be able to do a taste test to see the difference between the two.  No one in my family noticed the difference!  I think the peanut butter hides the difference in flavors.  The applesauce/homemade butter batch of cookies looked the same and had the same consistency as the egg/butter batch!  Food storage creation success!”

4)  Powdered Milk Butter

“I couldn’t get this to thicken up to a butter consistency, it was more of a yogurt consistency. I blended and blended it for over 20 minutes, pausing to stir and then my blender started making weird noises because I was running it for so long so I just let it sit and after a while it hardened/thickened up.  The recipe says the artificial butter flavoring is optional . . . I am thinking it might be a must.  It was pretty gross by itself, we wouldn’t eat it spread on bread, but in a recipe it worked out great.  I ended up using it in a cookie recipe to make the cookie recipe food storage friendly and you couldn’t tell a difference at all!”


Angalee 4



Also, with the highest points for the week from our newbies, Angalee wins an H2O ResQ water treatment kit!!

week 3 water kit winner

Brittney Barney’s Week #10:


Brittney 1-2-3

1)  Chocolate Muffins

“These were yummy.  I substituted M& M’s for chocolate chips, a fun surprise for the kids!”

2)  Granola Bars

“I converted this from a best loved recipe to a food storage recipe.  So excited it worked!”

3)  Mock Frosty

“This was okay.  I felt like the powdered milk flavor was too strong, which I couldn’t get past.  But everyone else liked them so we’ll try them again.  I also had to add more ice because they were pretty runny.”

Brittney 4-5-6

4)  Pita Bread

“These were so easy and soooo much fun. And when they turned out—WOW—so exciting! They looked professional! We filled them with tuna and pickles. Yummy!”

5)  Cran-Pumpkin Muffins

“These were DELICIOUS! We ate the whole batch in one day. I almost made a second batch the next day. Definitely a repeat recipe.”

6)  Scrambled Eggs


Finally, Barbara came in with a recipe she made this week, Samoa Brownies.  

I opened my coveted can of dehydrated eggs and used them! They worked great. I also used part of the can of butter that I won and part of my homemade butter for the buttercream frosting on the brownies. They tasted so good, but I felt that the coconut added just a little too much sugary taste. Everyone loved them!”

Cortopassi, Barbara_SamoaBrownies_0414

She posted this recipe on our facebook contest this week and came away with 64 likes!  She wins the book combination I talked about (HERE):

“Bread In a Bag” by Pam Emick (Thank you Pam Emick for giving this book as one of our prizes!)

“So Easy to Preserve” by the Cooperative Extension of the University of GA

and “The Everyday Gourmet” by Shari Haag

book trio

By the way,  one of my favorite readers (also a “Biggest Prepper” participant), Vicki Davis, tracked down an online shop this week that sells “The Everyday Gourmet” cookbook!! I’d thought it was long gone. You can find it for sale HERE.  Thanks so much Vicki for letting us all know!


  Recipes & Notes:

From Amanda

Chicken and Dumplings 
1 cup corn f/d
1 cup green beans f/d
1/2 cup onion dices f/d
1/2 cup peas f/d
1/2 cup carrots (dehydrated)
Rehydrate all those in 6-8 cups water
Add 1 table spoon chicken bouillon
add chicken
Make dumplings using this recipe
I subbed equal amount of butter powder for butter and increased the water just a little.  Worked great, will make a great pantry kit addition!
4 Tablespoons butter
4 Tablespoons Flour
Make rue
add 4 cups milk and pepper and stir until thick.
You can also thin evaporated milk and make great gravy- I used powdered milk and had great results too.
Strawberry Sherbet
Strawberry pop and 1 can sweetened condensed milk- put in ice cream maker and let it go!  It makes a great sweet treat!
From Brittany:

Chocolate Muffins

2 C flour

¾ C cocoa

1 ½ C white sugar

½ tsp baking soda

2 tsp baking powder

½ tsp salt

1 ½ C milk (4 TBS powdered milk with 1 ½ C water)

1 egg (1 TBSP egg powder and 2 TBSP water)

3 TBSP vegetable oil

1 C chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350. Grease or line muffin tins. Sift together flour, cocoa, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and egg powder. Stir milk, egg water, oil and vanilla together and add to dry ingredients. Add chocolate chips. Bake for 20-25 minutes.


Granola Bars

4 ½ C regular oats

1 C whole wheat flour

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp vanilla

½ tsp salt

½ C powdered butter

2/3 to ¾ C honey

¼ C brown sugar

Add-ins: 1 C chocolate chips, ¾ C craisins, pepitas, sunflower seeds, sliced almonds, coconut, peanut butter chips, marshmallows, cinnamon and raisins, etc.

 Mix together the oats, flour, baking soda, salt, and butter powder. Stir in any add-ins. Stir honey with butter (water portion), vanilla, and brown sugar. Pour over oat mixture and mix well. If it seems too dry, add more honey. Press mixture into cookie sheet. Press FIRMLY! If it doesn’t fill the whole cookie sheet, it’s ok to leave some space.

Bake at 325 for 18-22 minutes. Take them out and press them down again FIRMLY. Let them cool for 10 minutes. They will crumble if you take them out too early, or don’t press them down hard enough. Store in an airtight container, in freezer, or individually wrapped.

Cran-Pumpkin Muffins

1 ¼ C all-purpose flour

1 C whole wheat flour

1 tsp baking soda

2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

½ tsp salt

2 eggs (use powdered equivalent)

1 ¼ C sugar

15 oz canned pumpkin puree

½ C vegetable oil or applesauce

splash of vanilla

1 C dried cranberries

Combine flour, baking soda, salt and spice. (Add dry egg powder.) Whisk sugar and water equivalent for eggs (4 T) in a separate bowl. Add pumpkin, oil and vanilla to egg/sugar mixture. Stir into dry ingredients until moistened, fold in cranberries. Fill greased muffin pan 2/3 full with batter. Bake at 400 degrees for 18-22 minutes.

Mock Frosties

2 C ice water

1 ½ C non-fat dry milk powder

2/3 C sugar

¼ C unsweetened cocoa

1 tsp vanilla

2-4 C ice cubes

2 Tbsp vegetable oil

5 second spray of Pam (for emulsification purpose)

Plase all the ingredients in the blender. Use more or less water for thicker or thinner shakes. Put on the lid and process on highest speed for a full 2 minutes. Serve.

Whole Wheat Pita Bread

2 1/2 teaspoons yeast

1 teaspoon honey

1 1/4 cups warm water

2 cups flour, plus additional for kneading

1 cup whole-wheat flour

1/4 cup oil

1 teaspoon salt

Cornmeal for sprinkling baking sheets

Combine yeast, honey and 1/2 cup warm water in a large mixing bowl. Stir together then set aside for five minutes. In a separate bowl, mix white flour and wheat flour together with a whisk, set aside. After the five minutes, make sure the yeast mixture is foamy. Add 1/2 cup of the flour mixture to the yeast mixture. Combine. Cover with saran wrap and let rise in a warm place for 45 minutes.

After yeast mixture has doubled, add oil, salt, remaining 3/4 cup warm water, and the rest of the flour mixture. Stir well into a dough. Dump dough onto a floured surface and knead dough for 8-10 minutes until smooth and elastic. Add a little bit of flour when it is needed. Shape into a ball and put in an oiled bowl. Cover with saran wrap and let rise for one hour.

When dough has doubled, punch down and separate into eight pieces. Roll each piece into a ball, flatten with hand, then roll out with rolling pin to make a circle with a 6-7 inch diameter. Place dough round on a cookie sheet sprinkled with cornmeal. Roll out all the sections. Cover cookie sheets with clean cloths and let rest for 30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 500 degree F. Place an oven rack on the lower part of the oven and remove the other rack. Lay the pitas, four at a time, directly on the oven rack. Cook for 2 minutes or until just puffed and golden, turn over and cook an additional minute. Let rest on a cooling rack for two minutes then wrap in foil to keep warm until serving.

Perfect Scrambled Eggs made from Powdered Eggs-Make 8 scrambled eggs

1 cup dried whole eggs

2 tablespoons dry milk

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 cup water


Place all ingredients into a 4 cup Pyrex glass measuring cup (or similar).  Beat mixture for 3 minutes or until completely dissolved and frothy. (I use my immersion blender.  And when I say beat I really do mean it. You are NOT mixing to combine. You are beating the eggs until they are all of the way dissolved and the are NO lumps.  Then you are beating some more.  By beating the egg mixture for a few minutes you are incorporating air into the eggs, this help the texture turn out right).  Add 1 Tablespoon cooking oil to a large skillet.  Over medium heat oil.  Add the egg mixture to the hot oil. Cook eggs using medium low heat, stirring continuously until dry and crumbly.

Sprinkle in salsa and mix. Cook until eggs are pink.

I hope you’ve enjoyed following Week #10!

Two weeks from now we’ll wrap it all up.  You can join in and be entered to win!!

See this post for details.

wrap up prizes

Cook it to WIN it!! {Weeks #11 & #12 Blow Out Drawing}

18 Apr

Part of running a week by week contest like this, especially since it’s something which hasn’t been done before, is keeping a pulse (coming from you, the audience) on what’s working and what’s not.  Of course, my goal in all of this is to utilize this contest to serve the greatest number of people I can.  This said, judging by the response on the facebook contest this current week, my take is it’s not exactly what participants are looking for (which is fine).  So with that, along with the fact that I’d like to give everyone who wants it a final chance to win something fun from the contest prize bag, I’ve decided to pool the remaining weekly prizes from both weeks #11 and #12 into a drawing open to anyone who decides to submit a 100% recipe between now and the end of the contest.

This does not effect the overall participant’s placements at all.  

All who cook over the next two weeks will be eligible.

This is going to be fun!!  I’m excited for all those who end up winning these great prizes.  If you haven’t gotten involved yet, this is going to be a great opportunity to put yourself in the running for a great prize while also trying out cooking with food storage! Here’s the way I’m running the last two weeks.  Ultimately simple (or atleast it seems simple to me), but if you have questions, go ahead and ask away!

  • This final weekly drawing is open to anyone who makes a 100% food storage recipe between now and April 30th and submits it to me by email.  Submissions are due April 30th by 8pm CT.  
  • Points, as we’ve done in the past, don’t need to be counted in order to be entered for this final two week drawing, however I do need to see the recipe(s) you made either by providing a link in your email or including the recipe itself.  Additionally, three photos of the recipe need to be attached to your email:  1)  your ingredients, 2)  some kind of mid-process shot and 3)  a picture of the finished product.
  • If you’re a past participant wishing to count points on your recipes toward your overall score, continue following the main contest point rules submitting as you have in the past.  To anyone with an overall finishing “points” goal in mind, go for it!   This drawing only involves the weekly prizes I would have given out for weekly points pooled with the previous facebook contest prizes.  If you’re submitting for points you’ll still be entered to win these prizes.
  • You’re welcome to submit your email to me in the next two weeks anytime.  If you’re also counting points, you can continue to send it once a week if you prefer.  Email submissions should be sent to  Please help me out (as before) by addressing the subject line with your name: “Name:  Weeks 11 & 12″ (or if you’re submitting weekly, as week #11/week #12).
  • Following our weekly post tomorrow (for week #10), I won’t post a weekly update again for two weeks, until Saturday May 2nd.  That post will award the four winners for the prizes you see here as well as our overall contest prize winners.


Weeks #11 & #12 Prize Drawing

wrap up prizes


A prize package of three pantry sized cans of three great Thrive products, sponsored by our very own  Amanda Schulz (visit her shopping site here!!) Her package for you includes a pantry sized can of each of the following:

Freeze Dried Sausage Crumbles

Instant Black Beans and

Freeze Dried Sweet Potatoes

thrive prize 1 (1)


From Foxhill Corporation, it’s a $90 camp oven!!  Camp ovens fit over one burner of a gas or wood stove and allow you to bake as you usually would.  Simply light whatever heating source you’re using, center the oven over it and adjust the flame to reach baking temperature.  Because these units are compact, they don’t require a lot of heat.  In using one, to prevent burning, start out with low heat and increase it gradually until your temperature is right.  They’re made from rust resistant heavy aluminum, which further allows them to bake evenly.

In the collage above I pictured the smaller single unit, to demonstrate how it’s used.  However, the unit being featured for our prize is the actually the double unit, measuring 10 x 10 x 9 1/2″ and weighing 4 lbs. Additionally, the package includes:

  • Two Non-Stick Baking Pans
  • Baking Rack with Removeable Middle Shelf
  • Favorite Camping Recipes
  • Easy to Use Instructions
  • Side Handles
  • Temperature Gauge



From for emergency lighting, heating and cooking, our next prize, a Tri Outlet Safety Post, turns a propane tank into a multi-use tool!!  You just screw the pole onto a bulk propane cylinder and it allows up to three propane accessories to run at once.  The post is 30″ tall and retails for $35.99.

wrap up prizes

To go along with this prize, is a compatible lantern, the Coleman Northstar Propane Lantern, retailing for $59.99.  By placing the lantern on top of the pole, you’ll have light at the optimum height for any kind of area lighting.


A distributor of Goal Zero’s easy-to-use portable solar power products, the website  is donating Goal Zero’s newest lantern, the $79.00 Lighthouse 250!! Product Description: Lantern and USB power hub in one.  This bright lantern has 250 Lumens and three brightness levels and hand crank.  Recharge through USB or solar.  Also gives you the ability to recharge all your small USB devices right from the lantern.  Integrated USB cord to recharge your phone twice, camera, gps, Guide 10, or to give a boost to a larger device like an iPad.

Lighthouse 250 Lantern

If you’re looking to go solar, whether it be panels, power packs or tools for lighting, the guys over at Power in a Pinch offer a wide variety of products to choose from.  Get an idea of what they can offer you by checking out a video (a product walk through) HERE.  

Week #10 Prize line-up

14 Apr

I’m excited to finally get to share week #10′s prizes with you!  Here’s what’s coming up this week:

the prepared hour prize 2

Brought to us by The Prepared Hour, our weekly points winner this week will receive our second collection of Do Terra Essential Oils.  It includes three 15 ml bottles, including Wild Orange, Clove and Peppermint oil and retails for $60.  If you remember, Clove Oil landed on the First Aid Supply list I posted last week  for it’s usefulness for toothaches.  In addition, each of these essential oils have many uses (including using them in your cooking if you like).  Here are some ideas of what each can be used for (as suggested HERE).  Thanks going out to The Prepared Hour for this great prize!

Wild Orange 

Diffuse Wild Orange for its effectiveness killing pathogens, and enjoy its incredible aroma while it disinfects and kills bacteria.  It is an excellent oil to diffuse in a car during long trips.  Wild Orange is certified by the FDA to be GRAS and 1-2 drops in ¼ cup of water can be taken internally for acid reflux or heartburn. Use topically for a calming, yet invigorating,  massage.  Use in a spritz to spray bed sheets or as an fragrant pathogen killing spray in bathrooms and kitchens. Use with a carrier to sooth an infant’s tummy.  Use topically in a massage during the early stages of a cold.


Clove’s traditional use for dental pain is still helpful and is used and recommended by dentists.  A few drops on a cotton ball and placed on the painful tooth, dry socket or gum area will provide relief for an hour or two.  This application makes it a perfect addition for home dental emergency.  Its analgesic properties also make it suitable, when diluted properly with a carrier oil, for help with muscle and joint pain.  Further when mixed with water Clove can be used as an antiseptic spray to clean and disinfect surfaces and countertops. Adding one or two drops of Clove with carrier oil creates a stimulating disinfecting rinse. When diffused in to the air in small amounts, Clove is a powerful eliminator of airborne microbes.

Since this oil has strong properties it should be used with care for topical applications.  Avoid sensitive areas or those that have sensitive skin.  Usually for oils that can cause skin irritation it is best to dilute in a carrier oil at a 1% dilution or less.  Use with care during pregnancy.


Many studies have noted the power of Peppermint, even in smaller amounts for stomach problems.  Aromatherapists have long suggested using Peppermint either internally, aromatically, or topically for indigestion, nausea, or other digestive ailments.  Topically a 1 or 2% dilution with a carrier can be massaged over the abdomen.

Peppermint is often used to improve mental alertness and acuity. Apply Peppermint to the back of the neck to help relieve stress and tension. It can be applied to the temples to relieve headache. When applied to the bottom of the feet, Peppermint creates a cooling sensation and may help to reduce fever.  Its aroma is uplifting and invigorating and when used topically can be soothing to tired, sore muscles.  Its cooling sensation is perfect for fresh breath and opening the sinuses and airways.  The FDA certifies Peppermint as GRAS.  Mixing a drop of Peppermint with a blend of other oils will help the body absorb the constituents faster.  Caution:  Has a strong cooling sensation.  Do not use with infants.  Use with care during pregnancy.

Facebook People’s Choice Prize:

people choice logo1


This week’s facebook contest prize is a collection

of a few of my favorite books!


The Everyday Gourmet by Shari Haag

I’ve used this book over and over again on my journey cooking with food storage as well as here on the blog.  Unfortunately this book is no longer available for purchase (unless you count the single used copy I found on Amazon for $125).  It’s a great book in learning to add a bit of style to cooking with long term food storage!  I feel like I’ve gained all the use from it I can personally, so this book is being given away straight from my own book shelf.  The type of person who is working hard on their family’s food storage recipes is exactly the type I want to pass it on to! :)

In addition to searching for it’s title here on my blog, here are two other reviews on the book for you to check out:

Eating Food Storage’s “My Favorite Food Storage Books”

And Prepare Today’s review on one of it’s recipes found here.

FS cookbooks 005


“So Easy to Preserve”

from The University of Georgia’s Cooperative Extension

With canning season right around the corner this extension book, “So Easy to Preserve”, details everything you’d want to know about canning and preserving.  It came highly recommended to me by a canning expert who I personally trust (and who’s guest posted on canning here), Cheryl Driggs.  Because it seems to go in and out of being found “in stock” on the extension’s site, I ordered an extra to be able to give one away.  Authored by two Ph.D’s in food science, you’ll be able to trust the direction it gives you as you use it for a reference in canning and food preservation.


Bread in a Bag by Pam Emick

Compliments of the author, another favorite book of mine is in the mix this week:  “Bread in a Bag”.  I reviewed this book a while ago and I love the concept and recipes it offers.  It’s all about “pantry-meal” type convenience for breads!  Thanks Pam, for offering this book to this week’s winner!

FS -- Bread in a Bag 003

 Water Treatment Kit Prize

For whatever reason, the Rafflecopter widget is having problems for me this week, so the water treatment kit from Water Pure Technologies will instead be given away to the contestant who has the most points in this week’s submissions who hasn’t yet had a chance to win it!  Easy enough! :)


Alright then, I’ve taken enough of your time gabbing on this.  Go on and get cooking!

Weekly recipe/points submissions are due to me Wednesday night (for anyone who’s new, you can check out the details on submissions here) and {important} our facebook contest (detailed here) will end instead at 7 am CT on *Saturday morning* this week, so I don’t have to wait up late to call it at midnight, lol!  I’m getting old and I need my sleep!

Happy cooking everyone!


Week #9 (including all recipes!)

13 Apr graph

I’ve been trying to decide the most helpful format in which to archive our participant’s experiences since many of you have been asking how you can get a list of their recipes.  For me, one of the best parts of this contest has been the additional ideas and resources discovered through our contestants and I don’t want this information to get buried as just another contest.  Instead I see it as a collection of experiments that can become a useful part of the blog.    So this new format is what I’ve come up with.

So this is how it’ll go from now on… I’ll be updating each of our past weeks in the same way you see here.  My goal is to have everything done and ready for you in this way by the end of May.  However, if you want to know the information on any specific recipe you’ve seen sooner than that — (for example, if you’re participating and you want to try one of these recipes for yourself) just sent me an email and I’ll be glad to help you out.

Alright then, to get started, let’s see where our participants stand in placement overall as well as what they’ve earned in points!

Continue reading

First Aid Supply Lists {6 Printables}

10 Apr

For my own preparedness goals lately I’ve been working on updating our emergency binder as well as our first aid kits.  And since the cook of the family is most likely also the nurse (as well as many other things) I’m sure these lists will come in handy to you as well.  Don’t we all love lists!!  How I wish coming up with a food storage plan was as easy as just following a list like this!

spring-tonic-Norman Rockwell

Thanks to Holly Drennan Deyo, author of the book “Dare to Prepare” for compiling all of this great information!  I’ve redesigned this collection of ideas into 6 printable “check list” style pages to add to your emergency binder.  In my experience, it’s the most complete first aid supply list I’ve ever come across.  No question, many years of thought and experience as a preparedness expert went into it.   See what she suggests, use what you need from it and once it’s together feel confident that you’ve covered all the bases.  You can have the best first aid kit on the block (or many miles around)!

Also, you’ll notice that most every item also includes in parenthesis the name of a product which fits that description, so you’ll easily be able to locate everything in your shopping online or at the store.  After your kits are finished the way you like them, you can use these pages to keep track in keeping them stocked. Continue reading

Week #8 Winners!

5 Apr easy-week2

Drumroll… we have three winners to announce for week #8′s contest! Continue reading

Finale Month: Week #9′s Line Up & More Prizes!

4 Apr people choice logo1

We’re hitting the homestretch!  Four weeks left of our challenge and I’ve added a little somethin’ somethin’ to the contest.  I think you’re gonna like it.

We’re still going to have our Rafflecopter contest…

We’re still going to have our weekly “points” winner…

But now, as a finale for the last four weeks of the contest, I’ve arranged for a weekly people’s choice contest.   That is, that anyone who participates in the main contest (contest rules found here) — no matter the number of recipes you decide to make for the week– is invited to participate.  Choose your favorite/best/most “like-probable” recipe from your week’s creations (the recipe you choose has to be one you’ve submitted to me), post a picture of it to the blog’s facebook PAGE and rally for the most number of “LIKES” on it. Continue reading

CO Poisioning: Our Family’s Story

1 Apr 8f441-policefirehouse

You’re likely wondering why I’m posting on something other than food storage today.  I don’t go off topic very often but I’ve decided what I have to tell you today is just SO important.  If this story and it’s lessons learned can prevent even one accident, it’ll be worth it.   We recently had a big scare in our family, nearly tragic, and I wanted to tell you about it.

A week ago today we came dangerously close to losing both of my husband’s parents as well as my 4 year old niece to carbon monoxide poisoning in their home.  It happened so quickly, in fact I’d just talked to my mother in law the day before, chatting about life and such and everything had been fine.  She’d mentioned how they’d been fighting off a flu bug (or so they thought) but outside of that, life was going well.  The next morning, however, all had changed.

My mother in law woke up the next morning unable to move her body.  After five unsuccessful tries using her fingers to call 911, she was finally successful by using Syri on her iphone to get emergency help to come to the house.  Her husband was not awake or alert at the time and my four year old niece – who by another miracle had been awakened throughout the night with troubling dreams– was also quiet.

My sister in law living in Utah has been kind enough to allow me to share her experience as it unfolded with her on the phone that morning.  She writes…

“I received a call early in the morning from my sister in Spokane as she was racing over to our parent’s home following a bizarre call from our mom. She said mom was crying and moaning and was difficult to understand and was saying, “I can’t move my body at all. I can’t dial 911. Call 911. Get over here quick, something is wrong…..” Continue reading

Easy Week $20 Comment Drawing!

31 Mar BlogCommentWinner2

Win $20 to use in your Thrive Q!!  Today only, tell me (either on the blog or on facebook) ONE meal you could make from what you already have stored in your food storage.  It’s that easy. Ready? GO! Continue reading

Week #7 Winners!

29 Mar biggest prepper image only

Every week for the last 3-4 weeks I’ve thought I’d surely seen the height of the contest.  This week, once again, I’ve been truly inspired by the work that’s been done.  New ideas for recipes have again popped up, solutions to problem recipes (namely yogurt) have been discovered, new online resources for all of us to look to have been shared — all from the work our stellar participants have dedicated to this contest.  Beyond helping those participants themselves, all of this great information will help the rest of us become more prepared to feed our families too.   I’m so grateful to be a part of this!!

Probably the coolest part of it, to me, is that we are literally watching what CAN be done in a week’s time in feeding a family using only food storage, once someone puts their mind to it.  Apply this to a far off (or not so far off) time, when/if food preparations like this could be all a family has to eat, and it really adds a lot of food for thought.  In a week’s time– during a time of hardship — wouldn’t you LOVE eating these foods we’re seeing these gals making?? This type of meal line up can be something your own family has in their emergency plan too… so long as the right ingredients and tools have been stored ahead of time.  You’ve watched these ladies from 7 weeks ago until now — they’ve gotten it DOWN and you can too!

You can have an awesome plan, but that’s just it…you have to PLAN to make it happen.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to post everything that everyone did this week, I wish I could.  Everyone who submitted made good progress in their skills this week, I’m very happy with all that you’re doing!!  I’ll do my best to recap month #2 next week for the overall, sharing with you links to the recipes from all our participant’s work this month as well as pictured highlights where they’re called for.

This week the top race goes to Paula and Amanda.  While their scores aren’t tied, thanks to our sponsor this week, The Prepared Hour, it’s been decided that they’ll both be receiving the same $69 weekly prize from this week.  Both of their efforts this week were tremendous. Continue reading

You’re Invited! It’s ‘EASY Week’ (week #8)

26 Mar

Week #7 is on it’s way out (results to come on Saturday), but for our upcoming week I decided to change things up, giving our hard working regular participants a “breather” week and opening up prizes (by way of drawing) to anyone who submits just one 100% food storage recipe that they’ve tried out during the week!

Submission terms from the original contest guidelines are all still the same, but this week anyone who submits a recipe will be entered to win!  The points earned (capped at 10 points this week for everyone) will go toward your overall score for the bigger prizes at the end but they will not count this week for any of our weekly goodies.  All participants, both past and newbies are invited to go easy on yourselves… and win!!

If you get something tried-out and turned in this week, you’re part of our drawings!  It’s that simple!

Easy week


Our prizes include:

#10 can of Honeyville’s awesome Ova Easy Egg Crystals ($37 retail)

H20 ResQ water treatment kit, courtesy of Water Pure Technologies ($35)

#10 can Rainy Day Egg Powder from Preparedness Plus Products, LLC. ($23)

It’s a picnic in the park this week!   Join up and WIN!  

Week #8 extends from Wed. March 26th – Wed. April 2nd.  Visit the contest guide for details on submitting a recipe and if you have any questions, just ask!

Week #6 Winners!

22 Mar BiggestFSPrepper_Logo

Continue reading

9 Great-Tasting Ultimately Convenient Survival Meals

20 Mar 72 hour kit meals

Earlier this week I posted a link on facebook, a first hand account I’d come across of a man’s experience living through the aftermath immediately following Hurricane Katrina.  It was extremely informative and gave me a lot to think about.  (And here’s the link.)   After sharing this, a comment was shared by a woman who had also been through Katrina in another location, which to me (while different) was still equally as shaking as the first story.  All of this has been heavy on my mind this week and I’ve been thinking on what my own reactions and psyche might be like if I ever have to go through a large scale disaster such as they did.

One particular remark stood out to me as I read the first account which I felt was important to share and then I’ve got 9 amazing recipes which will make that 72 hour kit taste a whole lot better than you’ve ever been used to it tasting.
Continue reading

Week #5 Winners!

15 Mar Cortopassi, Barbara_HomemadeBread_x5_0304

This week’s race was a close one!  Barbara ended up taking it with Amanda only 8 points behind.  We’ll talk about some of the things each of them made this week but first… it’s prize time! Continue reading

A Quick Correction & some Contest Q & A

10 Mar

Okay, so I totally posted the wrong weekly prize for week #4 in our round up post Saturday. Seriously, I did! You probably all caught it and were worried about me (“what in the world?”).  The worst part is that I didn’t even catch it until Sunday morning.  Now, I do have to tell you that this “ah hah” moment also happened to also coincide with the fact that I got more than 4 consecutive hours of sleep (which apparently my brain needs to think straight), so I don’t know, but I may be on to something there.  Truly though, I’m so sorry for confusing everyone.  The next time it happens I think I should be fired. (Ha!!) Keeping that in mind, please bear with me for a moment while I fix my mistake (you of course already know who won) and then I have just a few Q & A notes of clarification about participating in the contest. Continue reading

Month #1: BIG check-in!

8 Mar BiggestFSPrepper_Logo

Four weeks and a total of 113 participant recipes later, here we are at our big 4 week check in!  I can tell you I’ve loved every minute of seeing what these ladies have done this month, each one of them having already accomplished so much and, lucky me, I get to hear all about it and pass it on to you! It’s been so fun seeing each of them try new things and get so excited about the meals they now can make with their food storage! Continue reading

Good People & Good Stuff

6 Mar

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to the people behind the logos you see supporting this contest.  I’m of course not getting paid for doing this, but just within the last few days I’ve again been in contact with some of them and I’d just like to say what great people we have here behind these logos!

You see all kinds of names represented here, some bigger businesses and some small, but what they have in common is they’ve each donated from their bottom lines thanks to their sincere appreciation for preparedness and simply wanting to help people out.

I couldn’t do this without them and I do hope, when the time comes, that you’ll give these folks a few minutes of your time and support their online shops.  You’d be supporting a group of genuinely good individuals and businesses of which I hope keep doing what they’re doing.  We need them!

Thanks vendors thanks vendors2

Here’s where you can visit them!

Emergency Essentials

New West Marketing featuring Goal Zero products (

Kelly Kettle USA

The Prepared Hour

Sun Oven International

Grandma’s Country Foods

Water Pure Technologies

Honeyville Grain

Preparedness Plus Products

Martine Anthony — Thrive Representative

Amanda Shulz — Thrive Representative


Week #3 Winners!

1 Mar biggest prepper image only

What a week! On the one side we’ve had a group of die hard participants ready to climb a proverbial Mt. Everest cooking with food storage and on the other, because of my own overzealousness (who me?) I think I’ve overwhelmed many of you by the way things have been presented.  More about that, including some minor rule adjustments I’ve made to make things more fun for everyone here in the post.  First though, let’s see what our weekly winner did this this past week!

Nearly doubling her already high score of 47 points from last week, Paula Herron scored an amazing 86 points this week with 12 recipe submissions! Continue reading

Week #2 Winners!

22 Feb biggest prepper image only

Participants were busy this week, each having increased in points earned from their previous week and going up against new participants who’ve joined in!

Our top finisher set an impressive first week’s earnings making breakfasts, dinners, bread and desserts!  Besides the number of recipes she made — eight in all — in nearly everyone she utilized non-electric options, boosting her recipes with additional bonus points and ending with a total of 47 points this week! Continue reading

Week #1 Winners!

15 Feb biggest prepper image only

Wow, thanks for all of your great entries this week!!  In case you didn’t catch my little tribute to you yesterday on facebook, I’ll say it again briefly:  I was impressed.  It takes planning and (most importantly) *time* to test out a recipe made from food storage (not to mention non-electric cooking options) and this week there was truly “no fear” from those who jumped in — even in the first week!  Great job to all of you!!  Your points have been counted and even if you didn’t win this week’s weekly prize you’ve got a score going. Continue reading


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