New Food Storage Planning Video


In case you haven’t seen this, I knew you’d want to know.  I have a brand new video I’m sharing with the online preparedness community and TODAY it premieres with the Back to Basics Living Summit. 8:00 am CT TODAY thru 5:00 am Friday, September 15th! It is my passion to teach you how you […]

September 14, 2017

FREE Recipe binder printables

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You won’t want to miss this!  Not often have I posted about someone else’s content, but this freebie is so prime to the purpose of this blog I feel like I just have to!  (Plus, I don’t want to lose this link for future reference!) No matter how many recipes you have online, to get […]

April 13, 2017

{Goodness Gracious!} Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast, Snacks, Sun Oven

Lately I’ve been exploring ways I can improve the nutritional goodness of what I cook for my family.  I’m trying to get rid of (or at least greatly reduce) refined sugars, flour and grains and get more whole foods in our diet.  You might think this idea might not go along with preparedness cooking, but […]

May 6, 2016

Wonder Oven Recipe Ebook

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For convenience, I’ve put together an ebook which includes a 6 page explanation on the concept of Wonder Oven cooking (including best practices and tips) and is followed by 28 of my post’s recipe cards.  To save all the skipping around to recipes (one click to get it all in one document) I’ve combined it.   […]

March 8, 2016