{Goodness Gracious!} Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast, Snacks, Sun Oven

Lately I’ve been exploring ways I can improve the nutritional goodness of what I cook for my family.  I’m trying to get rid of (or at least greatly reduce) refined sugars, flour and grains and get more whole foods in our diet.  You might think this idea might not go along with preparedness cooking, but […]

May 6, 2016

Easy Pantry Pie Crust

Dessert, Sun Oven

Print the recipe card!  easy pantry pie crust  This recipe, thanks to it’s pantry friendly ingredients, is hands down the easiest pie crust you’ll ever make!  No “cutting-in” of butter or shortening is necessary and it works whether your water is ice cold or room temperature.  With a little help even a child can make […]

April 25, 2013

Baked Shells Casserole

Sun Oven, Vegetarian, Wonder Oven Cooking

Print the recipe page!   baked shells casserole   Today’s recipe is my food storage version of a popular Rachel Ray dish of the same name.  It turned out to be her #1 most downloaded recipe of 2010 in fact.  It does take some extra time to make but (food storage or not) it’s a guaranteed winner!

March 7, 2013