Food Storage, Part 4: Storing Animal Proteins

Any of the food preservation methods discussed in Part 1, and the additional UHT (ultra-high temperature pasteurization) and curing (using nitrates and/or smoking) for the protein category, should adequately prevent your stored foods from spoiling if stored properly, so I’m more concerned with which storage methods produce the best results for the different ways I use animals proteins in my Food Storage Cookbook recipes. Ultimately, milk is milk, and meat is meat; but different storage forms of these products perform very differently depending on how you cook them and what other ingredients you’re using, and some forms are definitely better than others for certain applications. Although there are exceptions, this article discussions my general observations with the different forms of storage animal proteins.

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Unplanned interruption

Sorry friends, but I’m going to have to take a couple weeks off of posting recipes due to a finger injury.  While chopping vegetables the other day there was a knife fight and my finger lost.  Silly, (and not to mention painful) but true.  I’ll hurry back as soon as it’s better!

Just a few notes…

After a lovely break and a brand new year to look forward to it’s time to get back to the work of posting recipes! I’ll start posting again tomorrow, but before I do there are a just a few things to share with you all…

“Bread in a Bag” is now available to buy!

For those of you excited to try the book “Bread in a Bag” that I posted about in November, it’s available again, either on Amazon or CreateSpace.  I’ll update the post itself with the links on where to buy it but I wanted to be sure that everyone who’s been excited and asking about it knows that it’s available now.  Be sure to let us all know what YOU think of it by commenting here on the original post after you’ve given it a try!

An Awesome Idea  to Use with your Pantry Meals…

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