In case you haven’t seen this, I knew you’d want to know.  I have a brand new video I’m sharing with the online preparedness community and TODAY it premieres with the Back to Basics Living Summit.

8:00 am CT TODAY thru 5:00 am Friday, September 15th!

It is my passion to teach you how you can become truly prepared with your food storage and in this video I go into more depth than I ever have before on my planning system.  This system includes THREE binders – it is the missing link I personally know I’ll need if the lights go out and I’m left to use all the plans I’ve made!  I know you’ll want to know how this system works!

In addition to my own class, do you mind if I make another suggestion?  Cindy Miller is a preparedness friend I’ve recently gotten to know and her class on the summit is also happening today.  If you’ve been curious about thermal cooking, her class would be something you’d also enjoy!

Watch the Summit for FREE here!

P.S. There have been more than 30 excellent presentations in the Summit so far.  If you’d like a lifetime pass so that you can watch on your own schedule and you can replay whenever you ready to put one of these tutorials into practice, click here to find out more.