Perfect Stovetop Popped Popcorn

Just a short little technique tip here.  Most anyone who’s tried popping popcorn on the stove has (at some point) wound up scorching the popcorn on the bottom of the pot while at the same time leaving other kernals unpopped altogether.

Since my electric popcorn popper depends on just that, electricity, I wanted to learn the right way to pop popcorn over a direct heat source minus the {cough} smoke and frustration.  Happily, I found a great way to do it that not only avoids the scorching but also pops every kernal in the pot nearly all at once.

Happy Popping!

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Homemade Cool Ranch Doritos

Print the recipe page!  homemade cool ranch doritos

There’s a blogger out in cyberspace (link here) who deserves a huge applause for testing and figuring out this chip’s seasoning recipe.  It’s great!  Combined with homemade tortilla chips (made easily w/all food storage ingredients) I can confidently now persuade my kids and husband away from buying the tempting and naughty bag of Doritos at the grocery store.  {Three cheers!}

While still not completely guilt free, these chips are a much better health choice than the store bought ones.  Plus they taste amazingly like the real thing and, let us not forget, can be made 100% from food storage!  {I’m in heaven.}  On with the recipe…

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Whole Wheat Crackers

Print the recipe card!  whole wheat crackers

This recipe is going to get you using up your wheat in a hurry!  You can make these crackers a hundred different ways (depending on how you decide to season them), any way you make them they’ll disappear fast.  My kids just love these crackers!

This recipe comes from Allrecipes, where you’ll find lots of ideas in the comments section of other ways these crackers have been seasoned.   Today I made a cheese cracker variety out of them and (my favorite) rosemary and garlic.  They’re easy to make and yummy to snack on!

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Multi Grain Granola

Print the recipe card!  multi grain granola

This granola is amazing — nutritionally speaking — and everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, loved it.  It’s entertaining too — you’ll giggle every time your little one asks for “more granoli pwease” knowing they have no idea how much good stuff their eating up.  Thanks again to Chef Brad for this recipe and allowing me share it.

Makes 30 cups of granola

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Roasted Garlic Tzatziki

Print the recipe card!  roasted garlic tzatziki

Tzatziki is a traditional Greek dip made from yogurt, cucumber and mint.  This recipe is a tzatziki wanna be since I subbed in water chestnuts for the cucumber but it’s still good, so why not?  On top of that, I’m taking all kinds of liberties by including real garlic in a recipe here …so here’s my reasoning.  From what I understand freshly harvested garlic can be stored for up to 6 months in a cool dry place, so that atleast puts it in a short term (3 month) storage category. Of course you could always substitute garlic powder in it’s place if needed.

The biggest key to this dip is how long you strain the yogurt ahead of time over cheesecloth.  24 hours is the goal after which you’ll be left with an almost soft cheese consistency.  This dip is wonderful for spreading on crusty bread!

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Graham Crackers

Print the recipe card!  graham crackers

Are you looking for something 100% whole wheat that your kids will love?  Graham crackers will do it!  This recipe was shared (and loved) by my friend Sherida, if you haven’t swung over to her blog yet you can find it here.  Feel free to half this giant recipe (it’s actually a double recipe anyway) — when I make these I like to make a lot!  They go into our snack cupboard and through the week it’s great hearing my kids request something for snacking that’s 100% whole wheat (shhh…don’t tell!).

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Print the recipe card!  granola

This is my good friend Angie’s recipe ~  I love it!  It’s measurements are so easy to remember and it makes a good amount of granola for snacks or breakfast.  Plus, your kids will never suspect the healthy extras you sneak into it … wheat germ, flax seed, seeds or dried fruit of any kind.  It always turns out great!

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Hummus and Crackers snack pack

Just a little something I thought I’d throw out to you all.  I came across these Hummus and Crackers snack packs at Costco today for $3.97 and thought I’d give them a try.  There are 7 packs in each box, each one yielding a small portioned snack that includes crackers and a spoon and a 2.5 oz. can of hummus.  My review? I like that they have a year’s shelf life and the hummus was good but the portion size was too small.  I think these little packs would be better as “a snack” if paired with something else.  Maybe alongside some sprouts and some homemade flat bread?  Mmmm…now that sounds good!

Sherida’s Soft Pretzels

Print the recipe card!  sherida’s soft pretzels

So I mentioned yesterday that my good friend Sherida was going to be a guest on a preparedness radio show today. If you missed it I’d highly encourage you find time to listen to the archived recording (the link is in yesterday’s post).  There were some valuable insights she shared from her experience that just might change the way you look at your food storage!

With that in mind, today’s recipe is a recipe she talked about on the show, a big winner with her family during her six months of eating only food storage.  My kids go crazy over these, I’m sure you’re going to love them too!

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