****DIY bulk kits #2**** (30% lower priced per set) Pre-Sewn Pillows + Polystyrene Beads


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Don’t want to deal with a sewing project? No problem! For the person or group who wants the easiest project option while still saving nearly 30% (or more depending on quantity) of purchasing a set already made, this choice is for you! Pre-sewn pillows will arrive ready to be filled with beads. Individual pillow sets (one small pillow and one large pillow) will include one of three solid colors paired with a coordinating print.  Each lot will include at least three different solid color choices within this style combination.

Additionally, I’ll take care of arranging for the beads to be shipped to you! My bead supplier’s polystyrene beads are ideally sized for optimal heat retention in thermal cooking tests and will be shipped directly to your door from their nearest US warehouse.

Finishing instructions will be included.  After adding the beads, an approximately 3″ straight seam will need to be sewn.

Beads are supplied in 37 gallon cartons by the supplier, so the amount of beads you’ll receive (each single Wonder Oven set requires 10 gallons) will not be exact as it applies to making Wonder Ovens.  Translation to this project is detailed below.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment.  All shipping is included.


# of Cartons Number of Wonder Oven Sets it can Make Calculated Price Per Set
1 3 1/2 Wonder Oven sets* just $47.50 per finished set!
2 7 Wonder Oven sets just $40.79 per finished set!
3 11 Wonder Oven sets just $40.36 per finished set!
4 15 Wonder Oven sets just $38.93 per finished set!
5 18 Wonder Oven sets just $38.83 per finished set!
6 22 Wonder Oven sets just $38.23 per finished set!
7 26 Wonder Oven sets just just $37.61 per finished set!

*Includes “bonus” single pre-sewn pillow to utilize extra beads.

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