Week #9 (including all recipes!)

I’ve been trying to decide the most helpful format in which to archive our participant’s experiences since many of you have been asking how you can get a list of their recipes.  For me, one of the best parts of this contest has been the additional ideas and resources discovered through our contestants and I […]

Week #3 Winners!

What a week! On the one side we’ve had a group of die hard participants ready to climb a proverbial Mt. Everest cooking with food storage and on the other, because of my own overzealousness (who me?) I think I’ve overwhelmed many of you by the way things have been presented.  More about that, including […]

Week #1 Winners!

Wow, thanks for all of your great entries this week!!  In case you didn’t catch my little tribute to you yesterday on facebook, I’ll say it again briefly:  I was impressed.  It takes planning and (most importantly) *time* to test out a recipe made from food storage (not to mention non-electric cooking options) and this […]

Food Storage Products I Buy

There’s lots of products and brands to choose from as you navigate the food storage market.  I decided to gather up all my favorites — and ask around to others — in order to compile an unbiased list as to what’s been opened, tasted and passed off as being of good quality you can depend […]

“Soup in a Bag” week: Split Pea Soup

Print the recipe card!  split pea soup – soup in a jar Today I’m featuring our second tester, Kat’s review of the book “Soup in a Bag” by Pam Emick.  Enjoy!  In other happenings, I thought I’d let you know I was thrilled to be invited to contribute over on Deseret Book’s Time Out for Women’s blog today!! […]

Truly Impossible Pie

Print the recipe page!   truly impossible pie A friend of mine who reads the blog and is trying to put together a breakfast plan using her wonder oven, asked me last week about making an impossible pie in a wonder oven.  I thought it was an interesting twist and got to thinking about it.  Well, […]

Where I store our food storage

The tricky eventuality of having food storage is that you actually have to find a place to store the food, as well as have some sort of functional system to keep it accessible and rotated.  Living in Texas added some challenges for us with the heat and humidity,  not to mention the bugs.  The houses here […]

Cajun Red Beans ‘n Rice

Print the recipe page!  cajun red beans n rice If you’ve read much here on the blog, you know that one of the websites that inspired me most initially was Karen Wilkinson’s kneadfulthingsnow.com.  So I was alarmed to receive an email this week that one of my links to her website wasn’t responding.  I tried […]