Vacuum Sealing & Preserving without Electricity

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  I’ve recently come across a couple of good ideas that can be “thought forward” to emergency preps.  They share a similar theme, so I decided it was worth a post to combine them.  Today’s idea is preserving fresh items (or pantry items opened prematurely) in the event you’re without electricity.  Some might think this […]

January 24, 2015

Book Review: Beyond Basics With Natural Yeast

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So, hello again!  It’s been a while. Don’t worry though, I’m still here, I’ve just been buzzing around lately getting used to a new family schedule at home.  Let me fill you in just a little on what I’ve been up to (and no, I’m not quitting blogging)… {Personal} Update Time… Before starting the blog, […]

December 3, 2014