Food Storage Products I Buy

There’s lots of products and brands to choose from as you navigate the food storage market.  I decided to gather up all my favorites — and ask around to others — in order to compile an unbiased list as to what’s been opened, tasted and passed off as being of good quality you can depend on.  If you’re storing foods that are not on this list, please be sure to open them up yourself and TRY them!   If they’re good, let us know in the comments!

Most people want to save these foods for an emergency rather than open them to try.  I understand, they’re pricey and you don’t want to open the can. However, please don’t do that!  You might find out at the worst time (when it’s a crisis) that you’ve stored an inedible product and worse yet, that you don’t have the ingredients you were depending on after all.

As far as what’s out there, I can speak from personal experience that some of the things I’ve bought and opened have been awful.  I don’t care how hungry my kids found themselves, there would be *no way* they would eat some of the things I’ve been forced to throw away.  The good news though is that there are some very good products out there along side the bad ones. Read more

Review: Food Supply Depot Emergency Meals

There are many directions you can go with food storage, and today’s review represents another option.  While I generally discourage processed pouch meals, I recognize that they do have their place.  These type of meals would be great for a 72 hour kit.  Most of the time I’d much rather make a meal –even if it needs to be quick –from ingredients I’ve put together myself.  You can visit my pantry meal archive to see some favorite quick to make recipes.

One of the problems of the emergency foods market, however, is that you rarely find objective opinions about the products you see online.  Most every review seems to have some monetary attachment to it, so it’s hard for the reader to know exactly where the review is coming from.  I’d love to see more independant product reviews for my own reading especially for food storage products.  These are meals many are buying (basing their purchasing on advertising and opinions from paid affiliates) yet no one is tasting for themselves because they’re being saved up for an emergency. was open to an honest opinion — no matter what I might say –so I was happy to oblige. Read more

“Soup in a Bag” week: Corn Potato Cheddar Chowder

Print the recipe card!  corn potato cheddar chowder – soup in a jar

Last, but certainly not least, we have LeGay who tested out the book “Soup in a Bag” for us.  I’d like to send out a big THANK YOU to all three of our testers this week!!  I know I’ve got some new soup recipes I’m looking forward to trying out.  You guys have been great!!


My name is LeGay Burrell. I am a stay-at-home Mom to three children ages 17, 10, and 8.  I currently live in Kentucky but I am an Arizona girl, born and raised.  I have this silly obsession with Mason jars.  I love how they look on a shelf, the popping sound they make when they seal… so the idea of meals in a jar is very appealing to me.  Moving to Kentucky, where tornado warnings are not uncommon, has helped me to realize how important it is that I become more organized and prepared to feed my family in an emergency.

I was so excited to receive the Soup in a Bag cookbook! I liked it so much, that I immediately ordered both Bread in a Bag cookbooks to go with it.  I love soups but my three children aren’t big fans.  So, I’ve begun the search for a recipe that will please them.  So far, I’ve managed to try 8 out of the 30 recipes. (My dehydrator has been working overtime.)  Now, instead of the usual, “What’s for dinner?” my kids are asking, “Are we having soup again?” Read more

“Soup in a Bag” week: Split Pea Soup

Print the recipe card!  split pea soup – soup in a jar

Today I’m featuring our second tester, Kat’s review of the book “Soup in a Bag” by Pam Emick.  Enjoy!  In other happenings, I thought I’d let you know I was thrilled to be invited to contribute over on Deseret Book’s Time Out for Women’s blog today!!  Fingers crossed that it snags some new readers to get excited about cooking with their food storage!


Hi, my name is Kat.  I’m the grandma in a three generation household in the Pacific Northwest.  I’ve been putting together our food storage a little bit at a time for quite a while as it’s recommended to do by my church.  It just seems like a great idea, especially with the state of the world today.  I work full time for an accounting firm and have a Stampin’ Up!  business (you’ll find me here), so I actually do very little cooking, but I do try to test a food storage recipe for our family food storage cookbook at least once a week. Read more

“Soup in a Bag” week: Potato Cheese Soup

Print the recipe card!  potato soup – soup in a jar

It’s “Soup in a Bag” week!!  You’ll remember our search for reviewers of the book “Soup in a Bag” by Pam Emick back in April.  Well, they’ve now tested it out for us, testing a total of 14 recipes!  They did a fabulous job!!  Also, thanks to the book’s author for allowing us to share each tester’s favorite here.

Without further ado, here’s our first reviewer, Julene (you’ll find the other reviews posted on Wed. and Fri).   Julene is also the author of Prepare Today Newsletter.  You can pay her a visit there to find out more of her tips and favorites on the subject of food storage and preparedness!

Read more

Grocery Ingredient Taste Test Winners

I can’t think of any more important reason than food storage to take time to study out the brands you plan to buy (ahead of buying in bulk), making sure you’re buying the best tasting ingredients you can.  Even if you already have some favorite brands, you might give some of these ones a try to see if you like them even better! In this post I’ve looked at:

Olive Oil

Tomato Soup

Lite Coconut Milk/ Regular Coconut Milk 

Unsweetened Cocoa

Canned Tomatoes (diced and whole)

Canned Crab Meat

Jarred Pasta Sauce

Chicken Stock

Pepperoni Stick


Peanut Butter  Read more

Pantry Made Scrambled Eggs

While we’re all busy this weekend dying Easter eggs, I’m excited to tell you about a truly awesome “egg” of a different sort:  a good scrambled egg product for your food storage!

Anyone who’s tried cooking with whole powdered egg before knows it works fine for baking but never (seriously never) would you consider scrambling them to eat.  That would be gross.  That is, until this product became available (thanks to Honeyville farms)…Ova Easy Eggs!

I tried it on my pickiest eater, the five year old.  This kid would eat scrambled eggs every day if I let him.  Calling him to the table for “scrambled eggs” — just the egg crystals mixed with water — he ate the whole plate and never had a clue they weren’t for real.   I’m going to be stocking up on this product for sure.

Thank you Honeyville!! Read more