CO Poisioning: Our Family’s Story

You’re likely wondering why I’m posting on something other than food storage today.  I don’t go off topic very often but I’ve decided what I have to tell you today is just SO important.  If this story and it’s lessons learned can prevent even one accident, it’ll be worth it.   We recently had a big scare in our family, nearly tragic, and I wanted to tell you about it.

A week ago today we came dangerously close to losing both of my husband’s parents as well as my 4 year old niece to carbon monoxide poisoning in their home.  It happened so quickly, in fact I’d just talked to my mother in law the day before, chatting about life and such and everything had been fine.  She’d mentioned how they’d been fighting off a flu bug (or so they thought) but outside of that, life was going well.  The next morning, however, all had changed.

My mother in law woke up the next morning unable to move her body.  After five unsuccessful tries using her fingers to call 911, she was finally successful by using Syri on her iphone to get emergency help to come to the house.  Her husband was not awake or alert at the time and my four year old niece – who by another miracle had been awakened throughout the night with troubling dreams– was also quiet.

My sister in law living in Utah has been kind enough to allow me to share her experience as it unfolded with her on the phone that morning.  She writes…

“I received a call early in the morning from my sister in Spokane as she was racing over to our parent’s home following a bizarre call from our mom. She said mom was crying and moaning and was difficult to understand and was saying, “I can’t move my body at all. I can’t dial 911. Call 911. Get over here quick, something is wrong…..” Read more