Wonder Oven 101: Making Muffins

Print the instruction card!  Wonder Oven Muffins

We’ve had an extra busy week with family in town (and preparing for a spring break family trip) but, luckily, having a Wonder Oven is a big time saver in getting a meal on the table!

A big part of my breakfast plan includes different varieties of muffins.  This post is a “how to” on how to make muffins in an alternative way using your Wonder Oven!  You’ll notice it’s similar to making bread in a Wonder Oven but just on a smaller scale.  There are two reasons I love it:  1) I can set the muffins going before I go to bed and have them ready first thing in the morning.  2) I have a way to make muffins even without an oven.  And 3) muffins made this way are especially moist and delicious.  You’re going to love making muffins this way!

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Overnight Oatmeal

Print the recipe card!  overnight oatmeal

Using a wonder oven is the easiest way to cook oatmeal, especially in cooking steel cut oats or oat groats. If you haven’t tried making oatmeal with your wonder oven yet you’re going to love it!  Plus the time you’ll save:  minimally processed whole oat groats (where only the husk has been removed from the grain) or steel cut oats (groats that have been cut into small pieces) can take 30 – 60 minutes to cook on the stove.  The prep time using a wonder oven, however, is just 5 minutes beyond the time it takes to boil the water.

Start it before you go to bed and you’ll wake up to hot delicious oatmeal ready to eat!

serves 6-8

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Bread Making Day: Meat Pie & Cinnamon Raisin Bread

The first step after bringing wheat home to store is learning what to do with it.  The second step (and possibly the more difficult one) is getting to work and using it.  So lets talk daily bread — probably the biggest place your wheat could go!

As far as taste, you’d pick homemade bread everyday if a magic fairy delivered it to your door and made you choose between it and a loaf of bread from the grocery store.  So…if you’re storing wheat but buying bread I’d bet it’s only because of how much time it takes.  Learning how to make the bread is easy.  Where it becomes overwhelming is in constantly adding “making bread” to your already crazy busy life.  Who has the time to do that??

I’ve discovered (atleast for me) the key is making an event of it once every 2-3-4 weeks and making enough all at once to keep in the freezer.   Today’s post is about what I do to turn out 11 – 15 loaves of bread plus dinner that night and breakfast for the next morning and still keep my sanity.  True, it makes a mad scientist mess of my kitchen for a few hours, but in the long run it saves me time and work.

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Print the recipe card!  granola

This is my good friend Angie’s recipe ~  I love it!  It’s measurements are so easy to remember and it makes a good amount of granola for snacks or breakfast.  Plus, your kids will never suspect the healthy extras you sneak into it … wheat germ, flax seed, seeds or dried fruit of any kind.  It always turns out great!

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