Wonder Oven Recipes Ebook

If you’re interested in Wonder Oven cooking, this ebook is a convenient way to get all of My Food Storage Cookbook’s printable recipe cards all in one document.  It begins with a 6 page explanation on the concept of Wonder Oven cooking (including best practices and tips) and is followed by 28 recipes.  All in […]

Adding a Wonder Oven to your Supplies: 4 ways

My Food Storage Cookbook is proud to offer 4 new options to acquire a Wonder Oven! Through the years while offering patterns and promotions, I’ve sent out hundreds of patterns to those wanting to make them, while hearing from others wanting to know where to get one ready-made.  I’m now bringing you 4 options to get […]

Single Finished Wonder Oven Set

Prefer to buy a set already finished?  We have that option! No fussing with patterns, sewing or beads. Include in the comment form your top three color preferences (which we’ll try to honor) and you’ll receive a brand spanking new, ready-to-use Wonder Oven shipped to your door! All shipping included.