Wonder Oven Recipes Ebook

If you’re interested in Wonder Oven cooking, this ebook is a convenient way to get all of My Food Storage Cookbook’s printable recipe cards all in one document.  It begins with a 6 page explanation on the concept of Wonder Oven cooking (including best practices and tips) and is followed by 28 recipes.  All in […]

Wonder oven links

I’ve been getting questions about wonder ovens.  How to make them yourself, where to go to buy them, what in the world they are, etc.  My apologies for the confusion, in the future I’ll be redesigning things to make that information easier to find.  In the meantime anyone with questions can hop over to this […]

Baking Bread in a Sun Oven

One of my goals this month has been to nail down a better method (yielding a better end result) in baking bread using my sun oven. It’s not too much to ask — a browned crust and lovely bread is all I want. After searching the internet for ideas and testing them out