Radio Show Oct. 2nd

Tune in tomorrow at 1 pm (Central time), to hear me guesting on the Preparedness Radio Network talking about the subject I’m especially passionate about! As I’m sure you’ve gathered, I’ve got a lot to say about cooking with food storage and organizing a family plan, so it should be fun! (BTW, if you have […]

My Personal “Preparedness” Board of Advisors

With so many preparedness voices out there (with the ever growing number of emergency preparedness “experts” on the internet and otherwise), I thought I’d focus my post today on a preparedness planning idea I’ve used that’s helped me filter and safely navigate all the information (and misinformation) as well as keep things balanced in my life.  It’s […]

“Biggest Prepper” Contest!!

I’m SO excited to announce to you that from Febrary 5th until April 30th I’m hosting a fantastic contest I’m calling “The Biggest Prepper Challenge”!!  I definitely want YOU to be a part of it!  All the details on how to play and the prizes you can earn are contained in this post, so read carefully […]

Mushroom Barley Burgers

Print the recipe page!  mushroom barley burgers Here’s the story on this recipe.  Driving around a couple weeks ago I came across author Lukas Volger on the radio being interviewed about his new book “Veggie Burgers Every Which Way”.  His ideas on how to create a good veggie burger sounded great and I’m pretty sure […]

Sherida’s Soft Pretzels

Print the recipe card!  sherida’s soft pretzels So I mentioned yesterday that my good friend Sherida was going to be a guest on a preparedness radio show today. If you missed it I’d highly encourage you find time to listen to the archived recording (the link is in yesterday’s post).  There were some valuable insights she […]