FREE Recipe binder printables

You won’t want to miss this!  Not often have I posted about someone else’s content, but this freebie is so prime to the purpose of this blog I feel like I just have to!  (Plus, I don’t want to lose this link for future reference!)

No matter how many recipes you have online, to get your food storage preparedness in order you HAVE to have a physical binder with the recipes you love at your finger tips.  I recently found the blog Fab n’ Free offering a post filled with printables to help put together a nice looking recipe binder.  Included, she has some great meal planning helps as well.  While not all of them applicable to food storage, many of them are flexible however you want to use them so still very useful.  I’ve downloaded it myself and know that the links work, so just wanted to pass it along.  Thanks so much to Fab n’ Free!