For my own preparedness goals lately I’ve been working on updating our emergency binder as well as our first aid kits.  And since the cook of the family is most likely also the nurse (as well as many other things) I’m sure these lists will come in handy to you as well.  Don’t we all love lists!!  How I wish coming up with a food storage plan was as easy as just following a list like this!

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Thanks to Holly Drennan Deyo, author of the book “Dare to Prepare” for compiling all of this great information!  I’ve redesigned this collection of ideas into 6 printable “check list” style pages to add to your emergency binder.  In my experience, it’s the most complete first aid supply list I’ve ever come across.  No question, many years of thought and experience as a preparedness expert went into it.   See what she suggests, use what you need from it and once it’s together feel confident that you’ve covered all the bases.  You can have the best first aid kit on the block (or many miles around)!

Also, you’ll notice that most every item also includes in parenthesis the name of a product which fits that description, so you’ll easily be able to locate everything in your shopping online or at the store.  After your kits are finished the way you like them, you can use these pages to keep track in keeping them stocked.


Dare to Prepare


Here they are!  They’re broken into two kits:  your HOME First Aid Kit (which includes both supplies and medications) and a similar kit for your CAR .  A master shopping list for both (detailing how much of everything to buy, which kits they belong to and how many of each item is suggested for each kit) is in the “master list” I’m sharing at the bottom.  I’ll probably try to merge all of these documents into one at some point, but for now you’ll have to print each one individually.

Home First Aid Supplies checklist

Home First Aid Medications checklist1

Home First Aid Medications checklist2

Car First Aid Kit Supplies Checklist

Car First Aid Kit Medications
Print These Lists  + Master Shopping List (for all combined) Here!

Hope it helps! –Megan






17 thoughts on “First Aid Supply Lists {6 Printables}

  1. A couple more things I didn’t see on the list that I would add is a tourniquet a CAT tourniquet is probably the best but the TK4s are good also. Also a chest seal is a good idea. The Halo chest seals are what I have in my IFAK.

  2. Just what I need another checklist! LOL! Seriously though Thank You for sharing. I have myself a little notebook with jotted down lists of buy this, need that, and etc…. This will help me organize and keep it all in perspective. Now to Spring Clean , update, and prepare the kits for house, car, and to-go bags. Printed and Placed in binder, Check!

    • For real, Paula, I know! There’s just so much to get prepared for! We all need to join up in spades to get it done! 🙂

  3. Thanks so much!!! You always do the nicest things for us. I am so appreciative of all your work and willingness to share.

    • Thanks, LaRene. My perspective is why go to all the work and not share it to save everyone else some time? So glad it’s helpful for you!

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