Week #7 Winners!

Every week for the last 3-4 weeks I’ve thought I’d surely seen the height of the contest.  This week, once again, I’ve been truly inspired by the work that’s been done.  New ideas for recipes have again popped up, solutions to problem recipes (namely yogurt) have been discovered, new online resources for all of us to look to have been shared — all from the work our stellar participants have dedicated to this contest.  Beyond helping those participants themselves, all of this great information will help the rest of us become more prepared to feed our families too.   I’m so grateful to be a part of this!!

Probably the coolest part of it, to me, is that we are literally watching what CAN be done in a week’s time in feeding a family using only food storage, once someone puts their mind to it.  Apply this to a far off (or not so far off) time, when/if food preparations like this could be all a family has to eat, and it really adds a lot of food for thought.  In a week’s time– during a time of hardship — wouldn’t you LOVE eating these foods we’re seeing these gals making?? This type of meal line up can be something your own family has in their emergency plan too… so long as the right ingredients and tools have been stored ahead of time.  You’ve watched these ladies from 7 weeks ago until now — they’ve gotten it DOWN and you can too!

You can have an awesome plan, but that’s just it…you have to PLAN to make it happen.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to post everything that everyone did this week, I wish I could.  Everyone who submitted made good progress in their skills this week, I’m very happy with all that you’re doing!!  I’ll do my best to recap month #2 next week for the overall, sharing with you links to the recipes from all our participant’s work this month as well as pictured highlights where they’re called for.

This week the top race goes to Paula and Amanda.  While their scores aren’t tied, thanks to our sponsor this week, The Prepared Hour, it’s been decided that they’ll both be receiving the same $69 weekly prize from this week.  Both of their efforts this week were tremendous. Read more

You’re Invited! It’s ‘EASY Week’ (week #8)

Week #7 is on it’s way out (results to come on Saturday), but for our upcoming week I decided to change things up, giving our hard working regular participants a “breather” week and opening up prizes (by way of drawing) to anyone who submits just one 100% food storage recipe that they’ve tried out during the week!

Submission terms from the original contest guidelines are all still the same, but this week anyone who submits a recipe will be entered to win!  The points earned (capped at 10 points this week for everyone) will go toward your overall score for the bigger prizes at the end but they will not count this week for any of our weekly goodies.  All participants, both past and newbies are invited to go easy on yourselves… and win!!

If you get something tried-out and turned in this week, you’re part of our drawings!  It’s that simple!

Easy week


Our prizes include:

#10 can of Honeyville’s awesome Ova Easy Egg Crystals ($37 retail)

H20 ResQ water treatment kit, courtesy of Water Pure Technologies ($35)

#10 can Rainy Day Egg Powder from Preparedness Plus Products, LLC. ($23)

It’s a picnic in the park this week!   Join up and WIN!  

Week #8 extends from Wed. March 26th – Wed. April 2nd.  Visit the contest guide for details on submitting a recipe and if you have any questions, just ask!

9 Great-Tasting Ultimately Convenient Survival Meals

Earlier this week I posted a link on facebook, a first hand account I’d come across of a man’s experience living through the aftermath immediately following Hurricane Katrina.  It was extremely informative and gave me a lot to think about.  (And here’s the link.)   After sharing this, a comment was shared by a woman who had also been through Katrina in another location, which to me (while different) was still equally as shaking as the first story.  All of this has been heavy on my mind this week and I’ve been thinking on what my own reactions and psyche might be like if I ever have to go through a large scale disaster such as they did.

One particular remark stood out to me as I read the first account which I felt was important to share and then I’ve got 9 amazing recipes which will make that 72 hour kit taste a whole lot better than you’ve ever been used to it tasting.
Read more

A Quick Correction & some Contest Q & A

Okay, so I totally posted the wrong weekly prize for week #4 in our round up post Saturday. Seriously, I did! You probably all caught it and were worried about me (“what in the world?”).  The worst part is that I didn’t even catch it until Sunday morning.  Now, I do have to tell you that this “ah hah” moment also happened to also coincide with the fact that I got more than 4 consecutive hours of sleep (which apparently my brain needs to think straight), so I don’t know, but I may be on to something there.  Truly though, I’m so sorry for confusing everyone.  The next time it happens I think I should be fired. (Ha!!) Keeping that in mind, please bear with me for a moment while I fix my mistake (you of course already know who won) and then I have just a few Q & A notes of clarification about participating in the contest. Read more

Month #1: BIG check-in!

Four weeks and a total of 113 participant recipes later, here we are at our big 4 week check in!  I can tell you I’ve loved every minute of seeing what these ladies have done this month, each one of them having already accomplished so much and, lucky me, I get to hear all about it and pass it on to you! It’s been so fun seeing each of them try new things and get so excited about the meals they now can make with their food storage! Read more

Good People & Good Stuff

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to the people behind the logos you see supporting this contest.  I’m of course not getting paid for doing this, but just within the last few days I’ve again been in contact with some of them and I’d just like to say what great people we have here behind these logos!

You see all kinds of names represented here, some bigger businesses and some small, but what they have in common is they’ve each donated from their bottom lines thanks to their sincere appreciation for preparedness and simply wanting to help people out.

I couldn’t do this without them and I do hope, when the time comes, that you’ll give these folks a few minutes of your time and support their online shops.  You’d be supporting a group of genuinely good individuals and businesses of which I hope keep doing what they’re doing.  We need them!

Thanks vendors thanks vendors2

Here’s where you can visit them!

Emergency Essentials

New West Marketing featuring Goal Zero products (www.powerinapinch.com)

Kelly Kettle USA

The Prepared Hour

Sun Oven International

Grandma’s Country Foods

Water Pure Technologies

Honeyville Grain

Preparedness Plus Products

Martine Anthony — Thrive Representative

Amanda Shulz — Thrive Representative


Week #3 Winners!

What a week! On the one side we’ve had a group of die hard participants ready to climb a proverbial Mt. Everest cooking with food storage and on the other, because of my own overzealousness (who me?) I think I’ve overwhelmed many of you by the way things have been presented.  More about that, including some minor rule adjustments I’ve made to make things more fun for everyone here in the post.  First though, let’s see what our weekly winner did this this past week!

Nearly doubling her already high score of 47 points from last week, Paula Herron scored an amazing 86 points this week with 12 recipe submissions! Read more