So what do you do in the summer time?  Get busy making Wonder Ovens!!
02/04/16 Update:  Unfortunately, this source featured in this post has discontinued selling this product.  However, hope is not lost!  Visit my shop, where I’ve found another supplier of the beads and am now working in cooperation with them to bring them to you!
As those of you who’ve tried know, the hardest part of making a Wonder Oven is finding the beads.  This week I heard back from someone having trouble finding the beads for a reasonable price (esp. shipping)  for where they live, using the ideas I shared here.  I’m so glad she reached out because thanks to her another option was discovered.  If it’s successful for you — or on the other hand, if there are any troubles that arise — leave a comment so we’ll know for the future.
The company is called Foam Factory.  On the phone I verified (as the rep pulled out a sample to double check) they are the right “teeny tiny” size you want.  They’re sold in 12x12x65″ bags (6 lbs each) and cost $34.99.  By way of comparison, I bought the beads I found where I live for $50 for 14 lbs ($3.60/ lb) so these are more expensive, ($5.83/lb) but the upside is that on orders of more than $75.00 the shipping is FREE!!  This price allows a price for beads (per wonder oven) of about $8.00/ each, though I’d round it up to $9 or $10 to cover any tax.  I’m able to figure this price because the 14# bags I purchased ended up supplying enough beads for 10 wonder ovens per bag.  You’d be looking at being able to fill just under 5 wonder ovens (two pillows each) with these bags.
In speaking with the rep, you can order entirely on the website or if you feel more comfortable calling to make the order you can do that too.  Here’s the link.  I hope it helps!

19 thoughts on “Where to Buy: Wonder Oven Beads

  1. Another place I love to get my beads from is Shopko. They usually have their giant bag of beads for bean bags HALF OFF. I can make two complete ovens from one of these giant bags.

  2. What size plastic tote do you recommend for the Wonder oven? I saw a 22 gallon one that had locking handles, but it was not as deep as the 18 gallon. Help… 🙂

    • I tell people to get either an 18 or 20 gallon bin. The pillows fit best in that size but really, I’ve used my wo pillows in laundry baskets before, so it doesn’t really matter the container you use. I prefer the bins because I like to have the lid available to close over the pillows to keep my kids out of it while I have something cooking 🙂

      What you’re looking for really is that you have space in your container for nestling in a pot and once the pot is nestled in you have a good thickness of compressed beads all around it. As long as you have a container that will do that, you’ll be fine. Maybe a good idea would be to take one of your larger sized pots along with your wo pillows to the store with you while you shop so you can try them out.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

        • Sure, any container works — if you can fit your pillows in the cooler, sure it would work! Even a garbage can or cardboard box would work. The pillows and the beads are what do the job, so really the container doesn’t matter. For me, I like the ones with the lids just because it tells my family to leave it alone 😉

  3. Could you BE any more amazing? Wow. I just found your site and am addicted. I’ve been madly printing recipes. My husband wants me to prepare for not just our family – but for all of our extended family as well and I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed. Your site has given me hope. I want a wonder over and a sun oven. (We are already off-grid and rely completely upon solar energy for our power needs.) I would love a great traditional chili (from food storage) recipe if you have one. Keep inspiring everyone!

    • Wow, thanks so much for that! I’ve had a hard day today, having attended the funeral of a sweet friend, so your encouragement came at a great time. I’m so glad you’ve found the site and are finding good stuff!! Traditional chili…I’ll see what I can do. We don’t serve beans due to a food allergic child, so chili isn’t on our menu, but I’m always open to a good recipe from others so maybe something will come my way to share on that. Thanks again!

  4. Hi! I missed out on the giveaway and would love the pattern, when you get a chance. Also, do you know where to get enough beads to just make maybe 1-2 sets. Thanks so much!


    • Sure, Shalyse I can do that. If you could just send me your address (via my email address I’ll be happy to send you one. If something falls through with any of the orders and there are any left you’ll be 2nd in line for one.

  5. WOW Megan! This is AWESOME!!!
    I am Tay’s mom and would love a Wonder Oven. I will use it to offer a class in my area and continue your Good Works;) Thank You and God Bless!

  6. Thanks so much for all your help with this. I ordered my beads and had no trouble with it. Shipping was reasonable too.
    I look forward to getting them and finishing up all the pillows I have!

    You are awesome!

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