Easy Pantry Pie Crust

Print the recipe card!  easy pantry pie crust 

This recipe, thanks to it’s pantry friendly ingredients, is hands down the easiest pie crust you’ll ever make!  No “cutting-in” of butter or shortening is necessary and it works whether your water is ice cold or room temperature.  With a little help even a child can make this pie crust, which to me is awesome!

Side note, this recipe was featured HERE on Deseret Book’s Time Out For Women blog.  You can see it there as well as learn a little more about me and why I started cooking with food storage!

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(Genius!) Gluten Free Seed & Nut Bread

Print the recipe card!  gluten free seed and nut bread

Like totally wow.  This idea is going to change the way you think about bread.  This idea, my friends, is simply genius.  High fiber- high protein- delicious goodness genius!

May I introduce you to a flour-less bread with quite possibly the highest nutrition per ounce there is to achieve.  It’s also takes just 5 minutes to make, with nature doing nearly all of the work.  No kneading, no forming, just mix and let sit and finally bake (…as you pinch yourself). And while the finished result is good all by itself it’s even better as toast!!  I had to remind myself that with all those nuts and seeds also come calories (but hey, it freezes well), although if I were making this in a time of scarcity the calories would be welcomed.

The amazing ingredients?  Chia seed, flax seed and psyllium seed husks, combining together to do what they do best.  Their natural properties enable them to hold everything together without the need of dairy, eggs or flour.

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Chicken Riggies

Print the recipe page!  chicken riggies

Forgive me if I’d never heard of “riggies” before, but apparently those of you in Utica, New York have where this dish even has it’s own festival!

This particular recipe is based off a Cook’s Country take on it.  (Btw, I’m guessing the name “riggies” is short for rigatoni?)  Anyway, thanks be to the “riggies”!  It cooperates perfectly as a shelf stable meal and makes a very flavorful dish.

Serves 6-8

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Good recipes, smaller packages

Many of you don’t have an army to feed like I do but would still like good food storage recipes, just in smaller packages.  If that describes you, this post offers some help!  The frequent questions (about recipe downsizing) that people have been asking are: “When does it work?”  “When does it not work?” and “Which recipes are best to use?”

The majority of this post’s ideas come to you thanks to Jennine Wardle, (check out her blog Off-Grid in Alaska), who, besides being an accomplished cook and living off the grid for the last four years, has done so cooking for two, just she and her husband.  Once again, she comes to our rescue with some great considerations on this topic.

Adjusting food storage recipes to a smaller serving scale is yet another example of why a personalized plan is so important to have before going out and buying a lot of food, especially long term food!  Whether you use these ideas to scale down the recipes here or elsewhere, these 10 tips should help you along the way. Read more

Homemade Hamburger Helper: 9 varieties

Print any of the hamburger helper recipe cards!  

salisbury       potato stroganoff      cheesy jambalaya           

cheesy italian shells        cheesy beef taco       

cheeseburger macaroni      lasagna

beef stroganoff        chili mac

We’re all looking for an easy way to get dinner on the table.  Most nights we’d like it to be without too much thought and without having to worry whether the family is going to eat what we make.  Betty Crocker and other manufacturers have made a killing on the idea of “dinner in a box” albeit with the price of preservatives, colorings and chemicals added in.  Enter Suzanne McMinn.  This gal heads up the site “Chickens in the Road” and she’s figured out a number of the Hamburger Helper boxed dinners for us, allowing us to enjoy the convenience we want minus the additives we don’t.

Now I have to be honest, I’ve never bought Hamburger Helper and only learned about this website and recipe idea from a reader who asked for a food storage version of it.  But I’m so glad she did!  And can we say “pantry meal time”??  I love it when I see people naturally coming up with the same idea.  Ready packed meals make sense whether you’re using them day to day or to have on hand in case of emergency, whether the emergency be immediate –to have ready to grab and go with your 72 hour kit– or longer term.

Thanks to Suzanne doing the hard work,  I’ve done the much easier part of translating them to food storage.  And btw, there are all kinds of additions you can make to these recipes, I’d suggest visiting Suzanne’s original blog post for more ideas on that.  Also, all of the recipes call for 1 lb. ground beef (or about 2 cups cooked), so if you’re using fresh ground beef (or hamburger from the freezer) that’s the amount you’d need.

Each recipe serves 4-6

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“Soup in a Bag” Book Give Away!

You get to hear my reviews on recipes and books all the time…now I want to hear YOURS!

If you’re serious about wanting to cook with your food storage and along the way willing to try a few new recipes on your family, then you could get a FREE copy of the ($28) pantry meal-styled “Soup in a Bag” by Pam Emick!!

Leave me a comment if you’re willing to be a tester!  I’m looking for THREE readers who would each be willing to try at least THREE recipes from this book (you choose what you make) before May 10th.  Your review, combined with the others, will be posted Monday, May 13th.

Remember, we want to hear what you (and your family) really think!  We’ll also want to “see” what you’ve made, so please be willing to submit one picture for each recipe you try. This coming Friday (5pm CT) I’ll announce who the books will be sent off to, so if you comment be sure to check back since I’ll need you to send me your mailing address (US shipping only please).

Happy (free give away time) prepping!  

Soup in a Bag