Take a listen tomorrow, March 26th at 1pm CT (or any time afterward, it’ll be archived with the same link) where Joyce Pierce, host of the “All You Need to Know Show” with the Preparedness Radio Network, has invited me over to talk about Wonder Ovens!

We’ll be talking about making them, using them and why having one is so valuable as you’re getting your food storage preps together!


A few post-script details from what was talked about…

  • To find a local supplier of the styrene beads, I called a national supplier of foam products, Insulfoam (1-800-228-4412), and asked where in my area they supplied “unexpanded polystyrene bead”.  From there I was given a local supplier, which (in my area) referred to them as “virgin beads”. 

**UPDATE:  You can now find the beads to buy online by visiting this retailer!  Visit {this post} for more information on this product.

  • Once you have the beads and the pattern ready you can follow the rest of the instructions easily by visiting the step by step instructions on the following two sites. We filled the pillows using 4 gallons of beads to fill the top and 6 gallons to fill the bottom.  This made a set of pillows “floppy” enough to fit in an 18 gallon bucket.  



  • for those of you wondering what the styrene pellets look like and how big they’re “not”…here’s a picture of the size you’re looking for.

Polystyrene beads

  • Due to the difficulty we had in creating the pattern from the angles given online, if you’d like a paper pattern mailed I’m offering them for free.  (I’ll pull this offer from the post if it becomes too much to keep up with.)  Just send me an email to request one with your mailing address if interested.  My email address is myfoodstoragecookbook@hotmail.com. 

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