Homemade Cold Cereal: Two Flakey Varieties

Breakfast, Cooking with grains

Print the recipe cards!  homemade cereal honey bunches of oats homemade cereal wheat flakes For this week’s posts I’m focusing on cold cereal!  Yes, you can make it yourself!  In today’s recipes we’re looking at the “how to” of two flaked cold cereals.  Lo and behold the mystery is revealed!  All you need to make […]

May 31, 2012

Chicken Noodle Casserole

Chicken or turkey

Print the recipe!  chicken noodle casserole Easy and fast!  This recipe is basically a chicken version of tuna noodle casserole (found here) adapted to be a food storage meal.  Since my family isn’t too crazy about tuna I was excited to try this recipe made with chicken; it turned out well and everyone liked it!

May 24, 2012

“Everything” Chinese Noodles

Accompanying recipes, Snacks

Print the recipe page!  everything chinese noodles What a fun recipe!  You’re going to just love this one!  From Lauren Groveman’s Kitchen, these noodles are going to rock your Asian menus in salads, appetizers and main dishes.   Paired with her homemade Duck Sauce (I adapted it here to be pantry friendly) there’s just so many […]

May 19, 2012

Homemade Saltine Crackers


Print the recipe card!  homemade saltine crackers How about some saltine crackers to go with your soup?  This recipe is so simple!  With basic ingredients, including just 4 cups of flour, you can make *a lot* of saltines (dare I say, more than comes in the box from the store?) and, unlike store bought, you […]

May 17, 2012