Print the recipe card!  wonder oven lasagna

Since I’ve been on a Wonder Oven cooking kick lately I thought I’d throw out one more idea on the topic before taking a blogging break next week to go on a trip with my family.

This has to be the easiest way out there to make lasagna!  I love it because it only takes one pan to make and I can get it started and then forget about it until dinner.  To make it into a long term storage meal,  use either freeze dried or home canned beef/sausage (in the sauce), food storage ricotta style cheese in place of fresh (see 8/24th’s post) and top it with rehydrated freeze dried mozzarella cheese.   {P.S. — you can see how freeze dried mozzarella is rehydrated and used by checking out either 10/5th’s  or 1/21st’s post.}

This is so easy that a simple step by step with pictures is all it needs here on the blog for explanation … Enjoy!

Make your favorite lasagna sauce (with meat if desired) and add 2 cups water (maybe a little less if you want it thick) to the sauce.  Bring it to boil and then remove 3/4 of the sauce to another container.

With a layer of sauce on the bottom of the pan, lay dry lasagna noodles, a thin layer of sauce and a layer of ricotta cheese.

Repeat layering, being sure to layer sauce under and over noodles, until pan is filled.

End layering with a final layer of sauce, cover pan with a lid and heat to bubbling.  Add mozzarella cheese to top…

Cover pan with it’s lid until the lid is hot and place the skillet into Wonder Oven.

Allow to cook for 4 hours and pull out to serve…

Yum.  So good yet so easy!  Infact, my daughter has already requested this to be her birthday dinner in four months she loves it so much.  We all know I’ll not be waiting another 4 months to make it though 😉

5 thoughts on “Wonder Oven Lasagna

    • No, regular lasagna noodles will work just fine. I thought the amount and how long to simmer are both here in the recipe but I’ll go back and check again. Did you try what’s posted and have a problem?

        • Haha, Pam. No, you’re right, it looks like I didn’t say — I’m sorry, we had guests over the weekend and I forgot to check back on it. Usually when I do this it’s whatever veggies I have in the frig (chopped), some ground beef and 2 jars of spaghetti sauce (or one if I’ve bought the really large sized Prego). As far as the heat, med low or simmer, whatever it takes to get it hot enough to be bubbling. You want it as hot as it can be so that it’ll hold onto most of it’s heat for the wonder oven cooking time — esp. since you’ll be using a separate container to hold it in while you layer.

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