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Salmon Cakes with Dilly Lemon Rice

30 Aug FS -- Salmon Cakes 035

Print the recipe page!  salmon cakes with dilly lemon rice

This is our family favorite recipe for salmon cakes that I turned shelf stable by using a cooked flour and water mixture in place of the eggs that the original recipe calls for.  The flour combination surprised me but it really worked well and my kids didn’t even notice the difference!  The Dilly Lemon Rice is a recipe of Anitra Kerr’s shared here with permission.  Finished off with lemon herb mayonnaise served on the side, this meal is a refreshing change from the usual.

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Homemade Cheese Ravioli

24 Aug FS -- Homemade Cheese Ravioli 055

Print the recipe page!  homemade cheese ravioli

I think you’ll be surprised how easy and fun this dish is to make!  I’m super excited that this time around I finally found an easy and tasty way to make the cheese using all long term ingredients  –  I think you’re going to love it!   I found the idea for it at and then I played around with it and made up a variation that tastes equal to anything I could have put together using fresh ingredients.  The homemade egg noodle recipe is used with permission from the book “The Everyday Gourmet” by Shari Haag — this recipe is available in my recipe index.  Another fun thing that I get to share here is my new ravioli rolling pin that makes the process of pressing out the ravioli an absolute cinch!!

You’re going to love being able to make homemade cheese ravioli for your family entirely from foods in your food storage!

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Creamy Chicken Enchiladas

19 Aug FS -- Creamy Chicken Enchiladas 028

Print the recipe page!  creamy chicken enchiladas

I’m loving anything mexican this week and this dish is as good as it gets!  Seeing this recipe at gave me hope that this white enchilada favorite our family has loved for so long could be made over into a great 100% food storage meal!  If you’ve never had this before I can almost guarantee you’ll love it.  I’ve changed up some things since the last time I made it as a long term meal.  In my search for the perfect 100% white flour tortilla, I tried a new tortilla recipe that I found over at Allrecipes.  I’m excited to report that I honestly think it’s the best one I’ve made yet– these tortillas are even better than the ones you buy at the store– not oily,  just soft and delicious!  Secondly, instead of using freeze dried cheese I tried a canned Kraft variety that can be shredded and then I just added it into the sauce.  It turned out wonderful — I hope you enjoy it too!

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Free online canning classes

18 Aug

This is a follow up on the note I mentioned after the Chicken Cacciatore recipe last week about free online canning classes.  Here is the link!   I’m pretty excited to learn more about what is offered.  Following this link, about mid page it reads:

Announcing a free, self-paced, online course for those wanting to learn more about home canning and preservation.

  • Introduction to Food Preservation
  • General Canning
  • Canning Acid Foods
  • Canning Low-Acid Foods

This course is offered in the University of Georgia eLC system. UGA requires registration for you to receive a login.

Roast Beef Soft Tacos with Multi-grain Spanish Rice

17 Aug FS-- Beef Soft Tacos 023

Print the recipe page!  roast beef soft tacos with multi grain spanish rice

I’m thrilled to get to introduce you to two more of my favorite recipe resources today with this recipe.  “Multi-Grain Spanish Rice” is the creation of grain guru Chef Brad from his book “Those Wonderful Grains II”.  I love this rice and grain combination in particular– we’ve served this to dinner guests and everyone’s loved it.   Next, the recipe for homemade tortillas comes from one of the best food storage cookbooks on the planet “The Everyday Gourmet” by Shari Haag.  I love her recipe for homemade tortillas featured here because they’re not oily at all.  They crisp nicely when cooked and can even be made into quick tortilla chips if desired!

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Hummus and Crackers snack pack

15 Aug

Just a little something I thought I’d throw out to you all.  I came across these Hummus and Crackers snack packs at Costco today for $3.97 and thought I’d give them a try.  There are 7 packs in each box, each one yielding a small portioned snack that includes crackers and a spoon and a 2.5 oz. can of hummus.  My review? I like that they have a year’s shelf life and the hummus was good but the portion size was too small.  I think these little packs would be better as “a snack” if paired with something else.  Maybe alongside some sprouts and some homemade flat bread?  Mmmm…now that sounds good!

Swedish Beef over Rice

15 Aug

Print the recipe card!  swedish beef over rice

This simple pantry meal is requested often by my two oldest kids.  In fact, they love it so much that I’ve even caught them trying to eat leftovers for breakfast the next morning.  Crazy — I know!  Thank you to “It’s in the Bag” for this yummy main meal –you can find the book to purchase at .

Serves 6

Prep Time: 10-15  minutes

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Chicken Cacciatore with Herbed Polenta

12 Aug FS-- Chicken Cacciatore with Herbed Polenta 040

Print the recipe page!  chicken cacciatore with herbed polenta

This show stopping recipe is shared with permission from Karen at  Love it!!

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Potato Soup

10 Aug FS -- Potato Soup 005

Print the recipe card!  potato soup

This is my super fast and easy pantry meal potato soup recipe — again, another meal everyone likes and can be ready to serve in 10 minutes or less!  This recipe (shared with permission) comes from the book  “Dinner’s in the Jar” .

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Dilled Beef Stroganoff over White and Wild Rice

10 Aug FS-- Dilled Beef Stroganoff 015

Print the recipe page!  dilled beef stroganoff over white and wild rice

This is a shelf stabilized version of a recipe from a favorite cookbook of mine (one that you’ve probably never heard of) called  “Cook Smart:  Camilla’s Catering Secrets for Home Cooks” by Camilla J. Koenigseder.   I love this recipe!  It converted well using food storage ingredients.

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Orange Marmalade Rolls

8 Aug FS-- Orange Marmalade Rolls 019

These are so good you’d never guess they’re 100% food storage!  You’ll have to decide on your own whether they’re for breakfast or dessert– I asked my husband and his response was simply “yes!”

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Chicken Stove Top Dressing Casserole

6 Aug FS--Stove Top Dressing Chicken Casserole 013

Print the recipe card!  chicken stove top dressing casserole

This is a family favorite recipe that can be made shelf stable by using freeze dried celery and onions instead of fresh and canned butter for the stuffing.  I love the water chestnuts in it — they add a texture variation  that you don’t often find in food storage recipes.   Because I prefer the taste of making the dressing from scratch rather than using Stove Top, that’s what I’ve done here (the recipe for that is below in the notes).

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Pantry Meal Pot Roast

3 Aug fs -- pantry meal pot roast 006

If ever there was a fast and delicious pantry meal this is it!

Prep time:  5 min … maybe

Cook time:  just needs warming up

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Sherida’s Soft Pretzels

3 Aug FS - Sherida's pretzels 014

Print the recipe card!  sherida’s soft pretzels

So I mentioned yesterday that my good friend Sherida was going to be a guest on a preparedness radio show today. If you missed it I’d highly encourage you find time to listen to the archived recording (the link is in yesterday’s post).  There were some valuable insights she shared from her experience that just might change the way you look at your food storage!

With that in mind, today’s recipe is a recipe she talked about on the show, a big winner with her family during her six months of eating only food storage.  My kids go crazy over these, I’m sure you’re going to love them too!

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Let’s get cooking! (*Chicken Pot Pie)

2 Aug FS--chicken pot pie 011

It’s August!

As promised, I’ve donned my apron and I’m excited to get to cooking my “Best of” food storage recipes!  My goal is to get these recipes prepared and posted just as quickly as I can so that you can move on to choosing which ones are going to be keepers in your book.  On top of Main Meal recipes, I’ll also be posting my family’s favorite 100% food storage Breakfasts  as well as our favorite Breads, Snacks and Desserts!  My kiddos are going to be happy and well fed.

To get this done within the time frame I’m going for I’m going to have a busy schedule to keep!  For the next 7 – 8 months, I’m just telling you now, you won’t want to miss a single thing!!  If you haven’t done so already, be sure to SUBSCRIBE (it’s free!) so that you can be notified by email just as soon as the newest recipe pops up.  I’ve also started a facebook page and will be posting the recipes there as well.

Now…let’s crack open the cookbook and get started!


Chicken Pot Pie

Print the recipe card!  chicken pot pie

6-8 servings

Recipe courtesy of

Okay, so I was feeling a little bit daring today.  My new sun oven was delivered while I was away on vacation and I just had to try out using it!  I’m excited to get to add this recipe to my “tested and tried” sun oven meals if the power is out.

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